A Viewer Sent Me An Insane Puzzle!

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The chess set behind me:
The Pieces:
The Board:

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  1. i actually solved one of your puzzles for the first time

  2. I actually managed to solve this one and felt quite proud of myself. Good puzzle.

  3. Black would have sacrificed 5 pieces for the white pawn to end up at c7. Seems legit.

  4. I dont know if I am being dumb but cant you just make the pawn at c7 a rook or a Queen?

  5. When you figure it out before Nelson but cant tell him cus your watching a pre-recorded video 😭

  6. You gave up to soon Nelson, you were almost solving it.

  7. Have you ever seen anything about Lewis Carrols Chess puzzle in β€œAlice Through the Looking Glass” book? Very interesting! Would love to see you cover the 11 move puzzle with the phantom piece rules

  8. I couldn't see it, but I suspected it had something to do with that pawn on g3.

  9. AMAZING!!! You were incredibly close Nelson, and, sure enough, the white rook was a key player.

  10. for some reason after king f1 the rook goes e8 when I play this against stockfish

  11. That was a very clever puzzle. Thanks for showing it!

  12. 8/8/5p2/5p1p/5K1k/7p/7P/6R1 w – – 0 1

    white to play and mate

  13. I saw the solution literally 10 seconds into the video

  14. So proud of myself, paused at the beginning and stared for 20 minutes and solved it move for move. Key is since black rook can always put you in check and you can't take because of stalemate, when you finally take the rook it must also put black king in check(mate). Only way is for your rook to do that, and on a3. So then you have to plot a route for the king to remove the g pawn and then get back to the a-file without the black rook cutting you off, and force it a3.

  15. I’m like 700 elo and figured it out cmon smhπŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ

  16. This study was shown to me by grandmaster Ljubomir Ljubojevic (at that time a master's candidate) 60 years ago. Since that study was composed in honor of the Winter Olympic Games, the name of the study was "Royal Giant Slalom".

  17. From the story I have heard about this puzzle, it was shown in some tournament and only John Nunn solved it in a few seconds.

  18. white Black Bg8 ,Kb5,pawn b4, pawn c5,pawn d4,pawn f5,pawn g4, pawn h5 white to play find the blunder

    pawn b3
    pawn d3
    pawn f4
    pawn g3
    pawn h4

  19. It took me like a half an hour but I solved it. I got as far as you did, and got stuck. I thought if I used the rook to block once it was free and use a free move promote to queen, Id win. That idea didn't work but then I saw the solution as I moved the king around the pawns. A very beautiful puzzle.

  20. well i dont agree cause if the real player the white rook will begone first and always draw

  21. 8/P4k1K/7P/8/8/p7/P6p/8 I've created this insane position, it's white to move. Good luck

  22. Not that hard bro… I solved it in 10 sec

    Edit: I was wrong sorry my guy this is an insane puzzle

  23. You had the right idea, the follow through is 18 moves later, kinda hard to see that far forward. GG

  24. After a minute I solved it, and it was so painful watching you get tunnel visioned cuz thats what took most of my analysis. The random rook was what brought it all back haha.

  25. wow i remember my coach gave me this puzzle and i solved it i swear lOL

  26. Wow. Really excellent puzzle

  27. Este puzzles me lo sΓ© gracias a Pepe Cuenca, muy ingeniosa la soluciΓ³n.

  28. But what happens if the black rook takes the white rook instead of chasing check?

  29. Puzzle: (white to move and win).
    White king at g1; white pawns at a7, b6, c5, d4, e3, f2;
    black king at a8; black pawns at b7, c6, d5, e4.

  30. I had the same thought process as Nelson! At 2:55 I considered e3 and c3. Although I didn't have a board to explore.

  31. Hey Nelson, here is an unusual chess puzzle that I composed just for you! Below is the layout of the pieces.

    White Pawn = b2, d6, f5, h5
    Knight = c5, d1
    Bishop = c3
    Rook = f2
    King = e3
    Black Pawn = d7, e5, h6
    Knight = b1, g5
    Bishop = g1
    Rook = b3, d2
    Queen = b6
    King = f6

    It is White to play and win. But more important than finding the winning move for White, can you determine what was Black's previous move? No guesswork is required. There is only one correct answer.

  32. Puzzle mate in 2
    King b8
    Queen d8
    Bishop f8
    Rook h8 d7
    Pawns c7 e7 f7 g7 h7
    Rook a1 h1
    Knight d2 b1
    King d1
    Bishop e3
    Quen d4
    Pawns a2 b2 c2 f2 h2 c6
    White to play and win

  33. Omg i think i see why they say im using stock fish cheat moves but thats how i play… honestly e3 and c3 then that then i think that… lets see =-=

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