A Viewer Sent Me An Insane Puzzle!

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  1. Sakkrer fas all 5 pons and taik the ruk

  2. Question: Why can’t the king just take the rook?


  4. Your problem was you were looking at this all wrong. For a puzzle like this, and for chess in general, but especially for a puzzle like this, you should be asking yourself one question before ANYTHING else, "what can I do, which accomplishes two things, in one move, which could potentially get me out of check, AND check him, in one single move". If you merely ask that question, you will see that it really couldn't be anything else OTHER than using that rook to block the check and check his king at the same time, the only question remaining then is how to get there into that situation. The key to chess in general is making moves that accomplish multiple things together. Whoever is best at multitasking wins because it's a turn based game.

  5. Hehe I found the solution for once ! What a nice puzzle .

  6. I saw this first in John walker’s book Test Your Chess: Piece Power

  7. I saw the idea right away, first sacking the pawns and moving zigzag back to a2, but somehow managed to forget that the rook was now free to move and had to check the final move with the engine 😀

  8. I had one game from the atari chess version that might be interesting to solve, the king was captured but the computer kept playing without the king, the queen was the last piece to capture, I had 1 bishop, 4 queens and 1 king, solve the puzzle and capture the queen. You will find it interesting.

  9. looks like I found out what stocksfish was doing before you🙂

  10. I'm not good at chess but why dont he just kill the rook…

  11. ah i saw this puzzle on an another channel before watching this, the puzzle was insane

  12. Just noticed that white has 9 pawns on the board

  13. So what happens, if the black rook took the white rook?

  14. so funny lets see if stockfish can find it,,, 1 sec later solved it lol

  15. White is already winning by a lot??? I dont get it. Just avoid the checks and deliver checkmate eventually

  16. Well, everyone is impressed by peculiar ideas in chess… What about this one:

    White win, Black to move (P.Panaiotov, BUL, 2022)
    6k1/rR1N1pr1/1ppnp3/q3Q1P1/P2p4/3KP2N/1P3PR1/8 b – – 0 1

    1…Qa6+ [The strongest continuation] 2.Kd2! [Obviously, not 2.Kxd4?? Qc4# and 2.Kc2? Qe2+ leads "only" to perpetual check.]

    2…Nc4+ 3.Kc1! If White is brave enough to sac his Queen with 2.Kd2!, they also have to be smart enough to play 3.Kc1! instead of 3.Ke1?, knowing in advance that "c2" square have to be forbidden for… the black king!

    [3.Kd1? Qxa4+; 3.Ke1? Nxe5 4.Rb8+ Kh7 5.Nf8+ Kh8 6.Ng6+ Kh7 7.Rh8+ Kxg6 8.Rh6+ Kf5 9.Rf6+ Ke4 10.Rf4+ Kd3 11.Rxd4+ Kc2–+]

    3…Nxe5 Now the black king will be checkmated on "g8", but first he has to take a long walk across the board:

    4.Rb8+ Kh7 5.Nf8+ Kg8 6.Ng6+ Kh7 7.Rh8+! Kxg6 8.Rh6+ Kf5 9.Rf6+ Ke4 10.Rf4+ Kd3
    [There is much easier win after 10…Kd5 11.Rxd4+ Kc5 12.b4#]

    11.Rxd4+ Ke2 [That's why White chose 2.Kc1!] 12.Rd2+ Kf3 13.Rg3+ Ke4 14.Rd4+ Kf5 15.e4+ Kg6 16.Nf4+ Kh7 17.Rh3+ Kg8 18.Rd8#

  17. Wow that's clever, I wouldn't solved that either lol

  18. I thought I had it figured out immediately, my solution was to zigzag between pawns and then get diagonal move like at 4:45 and I thought I would be safe. But ofc the rook just captures the pawn he doesn't care that it's protected…

  19. I saw this on chess for charity, quite cool

  20. If you don't know if it's won or not then it can be hard to see it. But since we know win is possible then start from thinking of all possible checkmate points. That gives: c8, d8, Rh8, Ra3. And it's fairly quick to deduce that c8, d8, Rh8 is never going to happen. This leaves Ra3, this you start looking for ways to rid of blocking pawn and then it's not so hard to see it.

  21. Ohhhh SNAP how fiendishly fiendish 😂🥰

  22. I solved it in about a minute but I knew the pattern, as I saw this puzzle's transposition few years ago and expected the king's walk and getting rid of some pawns. Thank you for reminding me about this gem! 🙂
    I think there was some puzzle with similar idea and more stuff on the board, but it was the Queen doing a walk (zig-zagging?) forth and back (multiple times?) to win a tempo each time, then eventually clean the position enough to allow the checkmate… but I can't remember how the position looked like.
    Anyone maybe knows what known puzzle it can be?

  23. My biggest question throughout all of this is, why is a stalemate not a loss? It feels like it should be white's win here if they take the rook, as no move would get the king out of checkmate at that point. Feels like a pretty clear win to me.

  24. Didn't solve it but I got it that the finish condition was having the rook threatening the enemy king.

  25. I remember this puzzle from my youth in the eighties of the 20th century. The purpose was to illustrate mad rook. If I remember things well, black can postpone the mate one move more, by capturing the pawn at c7 and sacrificing at c8.

  26. Did I miss something? Why can't a White pawn just take the Black Rook?

  27. You can solve this puzzle
    For white
    Pawns on a2 and b2
    For black
    Pawn g7
    Pawn g7

  28. Why can't blacks rook just take the other rook????

  29. I was able to solve this chess puzzle without too much difficulty.


    First I looked at having the king run, and there are no safe squares where he can shield from rook checks.  Then I explored the idea of giving up some or all of the pawns.  I realized that giving up some pawns allows the King to hide temporarily, zig-zagging around the pawns, but this doesn't solve the problem.  So I got thinking that the rook on H3 must be in the puzzle for some reason, and if we can liberate it then it could be the mating piece on a3.

  30. i instantly realized there was an idea of getting the rook either on h8 or a3. Couldnt find out how to do it tho

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