A Tricky Puzzle From 1910!

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Puzzle FEN:
1r6/4P1P1/8/7k/8/7N/8/4K3 w – – 0 1

Puzzle Details:
F. Lazard, 1910

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  1. this may be the only chess puzzle that I totally solve without falling into the stalemate trap

  2. At 4:40, you could also promote to a rook and avoid the stalemate. I would expect that a knight and rook would beat a rook.

  3. Chess but you have to put the king on every single square before checkmate

  4. These are my favorite kinds of vids from you because it highlights certain endgame tactics I never would have considered. That stalemate attempt from black was wild!

  5. What about promoting to a rook instead of Ng6? it wont be stalemate and it is a winnning eendgame so does that still work?

  6. Half of the comments are saying that we could promote to a rook to avoid stalemate. The problem is that knight and rook vs rook is still a draw with perfect play.

  7. Would be interesting to watch how exactly does the win of one Queen vs one Rock look like

  8. if we promote pawn to rook instead of queen then also we can win

  9. but what if in the end black played rook to g4 instead of rook to g5 ?
    the knight doesn't block it from going to e4 and he can just fork the king and the pawn/queen

  10. For completeness: At 2:56 black does not have to take the queen, you can capture the pawn on E7 instead, which makes the queen trapping the king on the H file non-trivial, as you can force a queen/rook trade if the queen ever sits on G7. I assume the answer there is that you can give up the knight and end in the queen/rook endgame, but it still feels complicated…

  11. "and the king is ready to start cumming"

  12. knight D7 at the end woulda been better, still blocks the fork without sacking a knight

  13. Couldn’t we not lose the knight at the end and just get a rook instead? Or is that just not as good as the wueen?

  14. The answer took me 10 seconds to find. Either this isn't a hard puzzle or I'm the new Ding Liren.

  15. What happens if you promote the last pawn to a Rook at 3:27? The fork on e5 doesn't create a stalemate trap.

  16. When Will You Make Episode 25 Of The Puzzle Island?

  17. Very nice puzzle from so few pieces, thanks. Just a minor correction at 2:35. No, White can not hold a draw with K+N vs K+R, the Knight is trapped. Becomes simpler if Black instead plays Rxe7 first, and then Kxg7, and no escape for the Knight. But Kxg7 first also works, followed by Rxe7.

  18. Can't you just promote to a rook when he plays rook g5?

  19. When you have the rook on e8 and the knight on e6, why can't white just move Nc7? I'm only a 600 elo bot, so maybe I'm missing something, but I am very confused.

  20. Plot twist: i dunno how to win with queen and king vs rook and king

  21. At 2,54 in the video.. cant you alsso go night c7? Does that also work?

  22. Does promoting to rook prevent stalemating?

  23. for one time i guess almost 100% by myself. And do you know waht happend if i dont move my knigth to g6 but promoting my pawn to a rook ?

  24. Black can win this, it just needs to turn into I big transformer and laser beam everything

  25. At 4:09 instead of the nice knight move can we just bring the king instead?

  26. 1:25 rook takes knight.
    Black king and rook vs white king and queen.
    Is it draw?

  27. Why can't you just promote the pawn to a rook?

  28. After Rg5, couldn't you also underpromote to a rook? That also ends the stalemate trap by giving the King 2 escape squares, and if they do the same thing it's a Rook, Knight, and King endgame (even if they don't, you still have an extra knight).

  29. I saw the solution to the entire puzzle in like the first 10 seconds not even joking. Just 2000 puzzle rated so I'll take a wild guess and say this 1910 puzzle was not supposed to be that nice lol

  30. That knight was not just a hero.
    He was a martyr.

  31. I'm super proud of myself. That's the first puzzle on this channel in which I've seen every winning move from start to finish.

  32. What if we opt for rook underpromotion for the second pawn.
    In case of fork, it'll not be stalemate.
    Otherwise it'll be rook vs rook and knight end game

  33. Nice puzzle. To prevent that stalemate trap at the end I wonder if underpromoting to a rook is winning? Also, Nelson mentioned Queen v Rook being a difficult win. Any chance of a video focusing on that endgame, please?

  34. You could just promote the pawn to a rook, no stalemate and easy win.

  35. cant he just take with the king at the end and then the opponet can still fork pieces with the rook?

  36. 3:48 Why just not promote to rook? Or its impossible to win that position when you have extra knight?

  37. Great puzzle Nelson I guessed all but one of your moves😊

  38. What if the king simply walks a step away to prevent the rook sacrifice fork? Instead of sacrificing the knight

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