A Staircase To Heaven ( Chess Puzzle )


  1. yeah i just so happened to be playing against a newborn that didnt take the pawn, thanks this saved my game

  2. Алексей Алексеевский says:

    Racist chess🎉

  3. What about en pasant on d6 and wethever they do you push that pawn and win

  4. En Pasant : Ima end this man's whole career

  5. When kc4 if black is not a complet idiot he will take on b6

  6. Would if instead of the king to d2 right before the halfway through the video, he moved the king to d3? The only moves he can make are with his king, placing it at b8 (which puts it is check) and to a7( which also puts it in check)?

  7. why would the black king not take the second pawn

  8. The actual puzzle is figuring out how they got into that position

  9. Move the king at first then white must win…

  10. This is cool, but black could've played it better

  11. For everyone saying black could have played differently. No, every move by black is forced. White can likewise only make these moves or he will inevitably stalemate( or lose if he allows past pawn to queen.). The king has nowhere to move until the last black pawn on B7 takes white pawn, as kB8 is check by white pawn on A7

  12. I can’t be the only one who thought en passant

  13. Why didn't the king take the b7 pawn

  14. Depending on the move order, the pawn on b6 can enpassante the pawn on c6 and then promote with the king’s only square toward it is blocked by the a7 pawn

  15. Can anyone tell me about the piano piece in the background

  16. F4 wouldve been a bit more cool but still nice

  17. I would of made it a rook to lower chance of stalemate

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