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Puzzle FEN:
8/7k/8/3p4/8/1p2P3/1P2P3/7K w – – 0 1

Puzzle Details:
Gentner, 1952

The chess set behind me:
The Pieces:
The Board:

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  1. This is the first Chess-Vibes-puzzle that I am able to solve. White simply wins by means of opposition.

  2. I didn’t even realise that I could take that pawn😑😭🗿

  3. The E5 was to push the king further out, opposition was the key to the puzzle I saw it

  4. First time I succeeded in aa puzzle. I didn't fall for king takes pawn because he was stressing opposition so much.

  5. I saw it, instead of taking the pawn, it's better to keep position of opposition with the king.

  6. 6:00 the reason i didnt say to take the pawn is that if it was the move you wouldnt have asked
    i said king e5

  7. I saw it too because I am a genius. Jk I didn’t realize not to do it on the next move 😂

  8. I bet the black pawn on e4 went “phew!” when the king finally stepped towards the other pawn

  9. I'd have been curious to see how the game would have played out if the white king had moved along the bottom rank to get to D2.

  10. The move is king to a5 a5 is the best brilliant move

  11. Is there a way to experiment on-line with this puzzle ?
    I don't have a chess board … Answer greatly APPRECIATED !

  12. I didn't take the pawn, because that allows black king to re-establish opposition.

  13. I saw that part where 90% of people said to take the pond

  14. Damn, this channel is amazing. I looooooove these puzzles, they are way deeper than regular quick-shot puzzles and far more instructive. Keep it up!

  15. This is a wonderul lesson in chess stratergy. I wonder how many strong players would not be able to solve it ? I also wonder what percentage of G.M.s would not be able to figure it out ? Many thanks for your videos. Keep em coming !

  16. 6:03 I chose King e5 instead of taking the pawn cuz mostly i think the obvious choice is wrong

  17. I find my pawn end game to be really weak so am enjoying your videos and hoping they help
    Me improve my end game play.

  18. How does white win if black moves king to e5 at 4:07?

    Love your channel!

  19. My first move would be King to G1, then F1, E1, D2, D3, D4. The black King can't come closer and has to go back. White Pawn to E4 for the trade.

  20. I saw it,I saw it,I didn't do it Nelson.🤓

  21. I did not even notice that the pawn can be taken, and found the correct move 😂

  22. A puzzle that is actually instructive! Who'd have thought.

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