A Queen Went to Heaven ( Chess Puzzle )

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  1. This is a staircase? Check check check check and knight f 3

  2. Hc3 ,Kb1,Hd3,Ka1,Hd4,Kb1…..Hh8,Kb1 Hh1 checkmate

  3. Zuczwang, Qc3, Black forced to move king and then Qd1#, checkmate,simple

  4. The eureka moment when i figured it out. Really good puzzle.

  5. W:- Qc3
    B :- kb1
    W :- Kd1
    B :- a1=Q
    W :- Qc2#

  6. Oh so Qc3 is winning because the black pawn cant promote anything because of being pinned. While it's pinned the White pawns can go promote to rook or a queen and slide down to mate.

  7. Only one solution:
    W: Qc3
    B: Kb1
    W: Qd3+
    B: Ka1
    W: Qd4
    B: Kb1
    W: Qe4+
    B: Ka1
    W: Qe5
    B: Kb1
    W: Qf5+
    B: Ka1
    W: Qf6
    B: Kb1
    W: Qg6+
    B: Ka1
    W: Qg7
    B: Kb1
    W: Qh7+
    B: Ka1
    W: Qh8
    B: Kb1
    W: Qh1#

  8. Just keep pinning the black b pawn and check the king while moving your queen in a staircase. Really nice puzzle

  9. Queen Stairway to h8 using pin and check forcing the black king to b1 and a1 until Qh8 then Qh1 checkmate.

  10. Pin the pawn and move king then take pawns and mate

  11. Me when i read the title: Why Elizabeth II is here

  12. King D1, after black's pawn promotion cover up with queen and you can promote your self, if queen takes queen the black king nor the pawn can't move

  13. Qc3, Qd3,Qd4,Qe4,Qe5,Qf5,Qf6,Qg6,Qg7,Qh7,Qh1#

  14. 1 Qc3 Kb1
    2 Qd3+ Ka1
    3 Qd4 Kb1
    4 Qe4+ Ka1
    5 Qe5 Kb1
    6 Qf5+ Ka1
    7 Qf6 Kb1
    8 Qg6+ Ka1
    9 Qg7 Kb1
    10 Qh7+ Ka1
    11 Qh8!!! Kb1
    12 Qh1#

  15. Queen c3 king only moves to b1 because pawn is not able to move then queen to d3 check king will move a1 and so on until queen reaches the top of board..then queen to h1 checkmate…!!

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