A Queen Went to Heaven ( Chess Puzzle )

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  1. Rotete the queen too h7 and then easy mate

  2. Escale and pin scale and pin mate in the h1

  3. Figured it out, so glad. Queen uses the pin and navigate to top right corner one by one, then delivers the final blow from h1 square when black King waits on b1

  4. Pawn to E3
    Black Pawn to B1 ( because black don't have any other move except from that)
    Queen to C3#

  5. Go with your queen all the way to a1 anf then Qa8#

  6. This is a typical staircase there there there there… and mate

  7. Nice puzzle, I play the position vs stockfish and I Make 2 stealmates before find the solution

  8. queen c3? Or is that also illegal, because its checkmate next turn.

  9. Qc3Kb2 Qd3Kb1 Qd4Kb2 Qe4Kb1 Qe5Kb2 Qf5Kb1 Qf6Kb2 Qg6Kb1 Qg7Kb2 Qh7Kb1 Qh8Kb2 Qh1#

  10. I guess u promote from right to left and fight till mate

  11. It should be b1 a20then A1 make queen I think that's it

  12. Heaven is not a place or condition it is an awareness of perfect oneness- (A Course In Miracles), Queen h1+ checkmate beautiful !!!

  13. Queen C3 then g2 pawn push promote to queen or rook then queen/rook to G1 mate

  14. Is this a staircase? It's a staircase right? Yeah It's a staircase. Check check check check check check check check check and Nf8

  15. Meanwhile Hikaru:

    Check check check check check

  16. It's a staircase, took me a second but I got it!

  17. Here check here check here check here check here check Here and this is mate

  18. It’s a staircase mate, all the way to H8

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