A Queen Went to Heaven ( Chess Puzzle )

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  1. It's a very beautiful puzzle. The pawn moves to B4. The white minister will kill this black pawn who has become a minister. The black can defend and kill the white minister and become the black minister and you are the game and the victory for the black 👍👌

  2. King in d1 and then the queen on c1

  3. Queen takes pawn king takes queen after lots of pawn moves white will win

  4. sorry, I'm too lazy to type the notation until the white queen to H1 😂😂😂😂

  5. Looks like the Queen got a nice workout before calling it a day (and that's called, checkmate).

  6. “Is it a staircase??… It’s a staircase, check check check check check check check check check check… and Qh1” lol

  7. This is a wonderful puzzle. I took much time for it but finally found the solution :
    >> Qc3 Kb1, Qd3+ Ka1, Qd4 Kb1, Qe4+ Ka1, Qe5 Kb1, Qf5+ Ka1, Qf6 Kb1, Qg6+ Ka1, Qg7 Kb1, Qh7+ Ka1, Qh8 Kb1, Qh1#

  8. it starts with Qc3 and ends with Qh1#

  9. Qb2 , xb2 , king just chased down the black pawn, and it’s gg’s

  10. Queen c3 then promote another pawn and backrank mate

  11. White King move e1 black b1= Queen b1 white Queen c3 mate

  12. any idea whats the music??
    also great puzzle
    cannot rank mate until the king is on b1 square forcing a pattern of moves till Qh1!

  13. Queen moves up to the right like a staircase till h8, then moves to h1 for mate

  14. Kc3 blacks pawn is forced to b1 and then and the put the queen on b3 and its checkmate

  15. Qc3-ka1
    Qh8- ka1
    Qh1- mate….

  16. E5 take Queen Black pawn B2 Queen on B2 Black pawn B2 Queen on B2 next King take Queen and we have King and 2 pawns

  17. Qc3 then one of the pawns all the way up the board, make it a rook or queen then bring it back down all the way for a checkmate

  18. take the pawn next to the queen, then when the pawn moves to become queen take it, then move white pawn to become queen and checkmate the lone king

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