A Queen Went to Heaven ( Chess Puzzle )

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  1. Qc3 Kb1 Qd3+ Ka1 Qd4 Kb1 Qe4+ Ka1 Qe5 Kb1 Qf5+ Ka1 Qf6 Kb1 Qg6+ Ka1 Qg7 Kb1 Qh7+ Ka1 Qh8 Kb1 Qh1#

  2. White plays Qd3 after which black only has 1 legal move which is promoting pawn at b1. If black promotes anything but to a knigh, Qd4# is unstoppable so black must play b1=K+ now white responds with kc1 and black can only move the knight because that's only legal move. But no matter where that night goes Qc4# is unstoppable

  3. Pinning the pawn. Then promote one of the white pawn.

  4. Staircase after Qc3… im not going to type all those moves… great puzzle 🙂

  5. ez, all queen moves. c3, d3, d4, e4, e5, f5 f6, g6, g7, h7, h8, and finally h1 checkmate. Forces checkmate because black king can only go back and fourth on a1 and b1 without being able to move any pawns or anywhere else. final position of black king is b1 when queen is h1 as white king blocks off any other black king paths.

  6. [qc3 the king of black goes b1 then ke1] if black king goes a1,,, pin qd4, king back to b1 then checkmate to d1,,, if pawn to a1 after the pin qd4 then check to d3, black king goes c1 then checkmate to d1

  7. Queen c3 then u have time to evolve all ur pawns lol

  8. Easy. It’s a ladder all the way to h8 then mate with qh1

  9. Qc3 kb1
    Qd3 ka1
    Qd4 kb1
    Qe4 ka1
    Qe5 kb1
    Qf5 ka1
    Qf6 kb1
    Qg6 ka1
    Qg7 kb1
    Qh7 ka1
    Qh8 kb1
    Last move
    Qh1 check and mate
    Superb puzzale

  10. pown e1 making a Queen or rock

    black block by pown and Queen to c3

  11. c3 d3 c4 d4.. to h8 and h1 check mate

  12. Pin pawn with queen, move king closer, deliver mate with queen

  13. 👍👍👍👍👍

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