A Puzzle That Tells YOUR Chess Level

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov challenges you with a really interesting chess puzzle that will determine your chess rating level.

Feel free to pause the video, take enough time to calculate the variations, and try to solve this puzzle. After that, you can find out your chess rating level. Also, please let us know the variation(s) you calculated and your chess rating level.

► Chapters

00:00 This Chess Puzzle Determines Your Rating
00:35 Your Rating Level is 800 IF…
01:25 Your Rating Level is 1000 IF…
01:48 Your Rating Level is 1300 IF…
02:39 Your Rating Level is 1600 IF…
03:25 Your Rating Level is 1800 IF…
04:29 Your Rating Level is 2300 IF…
05:13 Your Rating Level is 2600 IF…
06:46 Your Rating Level is 2700 IF…
07:45 Your Rating Level is 2760 IF…
08:10 How to calculate variations in the middlegame?

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  1. I spotted the 1600 level move right away

  2. I seen the 2700 move as soon as he moved the rook up

  3. See, I saw all the moves for the best variation beforehand, but, as I tend to do as a beginner, the move order was wrong. My first instinct was capture the knight, but seeing that hanging rook make me second guess. So I went with Rook to g8 to start., figuring I pin the pawn, but then next move I can advance my rook to G4 to attack the queen (after the capture the rook), plus block the queen capture on h4 next move. Not even realizing the kg5 kills that entire line immediately.

    But once the video told me about that knight blockage, I paused it and went back to my first instinct of capturing the knight first move and got this result. I'm definitely no 2300 player, but it's encouraging to know that it's possible for me to think that way. The key to progress though is thinking that way BEFORE I make the game-ending mistake!

  4. 2:31 I was thinking Rook takes Knight. If pawn takes rock just take pawn with quin and still can put white in a tricky situation.

  5. I found the winning line, incl Qxh4 but did not calculated the escape from checks. Still does not make me even 2500, I am 2100 classical on lichess because I cannot be always on guard in timed games (also sometimes tired and don't see the board), often do blunder especially with 1-2 minutes left not even saying on 10-20 sec. IMHO cool puzzle but not difficult. My chess com puzzle rating is 3400 (ofc I take unlinited time on puzzles and calculate until I am done with all variations I can think of).

  6. Well, this video gives me a rating of 1800, which I don’t think I could achieve in real life. I suppose what it’s really saying is that I’m capable of playing the middle game to a level of 1800 in an ideal world in which I make no silly mistakes… Unfortunately, the fact that I made no silly mistakes in this puzzle doesn’t mean that I never make them.

  7. Been watching your videos for months now, but this is my first comment. I analyzed up to the 1600, but because of the hanging rook I decided to passively retreat the rook and try the kingside attack on the next move. Lesson learned, don't be passive. Also, I feel like I only saw offering the bishop sacrifice because I was following your advice from the recent video about focusing on the opponents side of the board and moving forward, so thanks.

  8. Spotted the 1600 rated line almost immediately yet I've been sitting at 600 for the past 4 months 🥲

  9. Do you thought about Qh4 at min 6:00 Situation? He cant take here because of rook. And yes he can give Chess but youll give matt very soon

  10. I guess im 2700 elo but also 1100 ??? lol
    This was a very cool puzzle

  11. this is stupid. I took the knight with bishop. My rating is around 800.

  12. Yeah, I doubt I'm 2600… I did see Rook g4 and wanted to capture with the queen afterwards. Thanks for the encouragement, though 🙂

  13. So I sensed blacks potential kingside attack and calculated after a deep think, the line 1…BxKt 2 QxR R-Kt1 3 P-Kt3 R-Kt5 4 Q-Kt7 QxP 5 Q-Kt8ch K-Q2 followed by Black mating on R8 with Queen. I missed 4 Q-B3 or B5 and 5 Q-B8ch but as shown my idea was still eventually winning against those moves. What rating do you think corresponds to that?

  14. Great type of video 👍🏻, I calculated up to Qxh4 and the forced mate, so after Rg4 White can prolong the game with Queen takes rook on g4. My rating is 2150 ELO

  15. Oh so I am actually 2700 rated played in the disguise of 1000 rated player, I will keep telling this to myself after blundering my pieces.

  16. I found the solution through to Qxh4 and mate, my rating is only 1950, not 2700.

  17. I saw all of it including Qxh4, except the white Queen checks, I just assumed nothing could stop mate on h1. So that supposedly makes me 2500+.
    Actual rating (bullet) 1428.
    Seems I can’t play actual chess 😢😂😢😂

  18. Ok the you are 800 after looking at the board for 5 seconds and I am done with the video.

  19. I found the 2700 rated move, but I am nowhere near that rating, I think the Puzzle was just too easy for that level.. ^.^

  20. My biggest worry was when Rook g4 happens the Queen can take the rook and avoid the immediate checkmate. White then will have 2 rooks vs Quern and Boshop. I was very much afraid against 2 rooks 🤣🤣

  21. I am 1500 in rapid and blitz and 2560 in puzzles…I could find the solution. The hard thing is to use this knowledge in your actual games.

  22. Great video can you make more of these please

  23. my is 1600 because did not spot the pound to G3

  24. I solved the 2700 level but I'm not that good in reality because doing these calculations constantly over a game wears out my brain and I get tired and blunder.

  25. I like Ur videos a lot and Ur explanations R always great. But I think U lied on this one I mean even I found Qxh4 and Im 2100 Ur like 2700 classical U clearly saw it in a few seconds.

  26. thanks but you are rating way, way way way too highly

  27. This video is excellent please put out more of these ! In fact all your content is wonderful.

  28. for some reason I saw Rxb3, axb3, Bxf3, gxf3, Rg8+, Kh1, Qxh4#. If they dont take, and play g3, I will play Rg8, and similar to the way that it ended in the video

  29. I'm potentially 2700 + (60 because I'm subscribed to the channel) but I'm struggling to reach 1600… I think there are way too many engine users… I keep getting crushed by 1200 players…

  30. I spotted the 2300 and I'm like 1400 in real life.
    Swing and a miss bro. Appreciate the vids tho.

  31. I'm 900, if i saw Rg4 then I would've completed the puzzle

  32. Im 1300 in games, 2400 puzzle is my highedt but i solved the puzzle… soo

  33. I did fully calculate all the lines here, considered Qf4, g3, Qc5 for the opponent. Rg4, Qxh4 was my continuation, Qxc6+, Kd8, Qa8+, Kd7 and I evaluated white is out of useful checks and h1# is unstoppable.

    So according to this puzzle my tactics is GM-level. I somehow doubt that when my uscf rating is only 1024.

  34. That puts me in the 1800-2000 area – taking the knight, but not clear on all the follow-through possibilities

  35. I spotted the entire correct variation within a matter of a few minutes but still decided on c5. I’m rated 2100 btw, so where does that leave me? A GM and also a novice? 😂

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