A Puzzle That Tells YOUR Chess Level

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov challenges you with a really interesting chess puzzle that will determine your chess rating level.

Feel free to pause the video, take enough time to calculate the variations, and try to solve this puzzle. After that, you can find out your chess rating level. Also, please let us know the variation(s) you calculated and your chess rating level.

► Chapters

00:00 This Chess Puzzle Determines Your Rating
00:35 Your Rating Level is 800 IF…
01:25 Your Rating Level is 1000 IF…
01:48 Your Rating Level is 1300 IF…
02:39 Your Rating Level is 1600 IF…
03:25 Your Rating Level is 1800 IF…
04:29 Your Rating Level is 2300 IF…
05:13 Your Rating Level is 2600 IF…
06:46 Your Rating Level is 2700 IF…
07:45 Your Rating Level is 2760 IF…
08:10 How to calculate variations in the middlegame?

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  1. Saw up to 1800, didn't calculate Rg4, but did see the idea of taking the H4 pawn with the queen, even after seeing Qc5 and the checks they could give.

  2. My elo is 750 and i got the 1800 one.. the lower ones are SO innaccurate

  3. Isn't queen to e7 a still better move? Sure, it isn't as aggressive as bishop takes knight. But it foils Black's only attacking move and exposes the pawn at c2 (or C3) to attack after an additional move by White's queen. It also protects against the Black queen's attacks on the king. The bishop attack on the knight is still available afterwards.

  4. I got That i was 2300 and im 648? This is pretty accurate

  5. oru doubt : To become a GM we must score 2500 rating in all the sections(rapid,blitz, classic) or is it ok to get in any one??

  6. lol the concept of wishful thinking is well known by me. My rating is 1600. 😉

  7. I am 1750 online and I found the 2300 variation😅

  8. What do I consider myself as? 1600 or 800 or 2300🗿 I saw them all

  9. Based on this puzzle I should be between 1000-1300 so I’m happy with that and now I just have to let my rating reflect that

  10. I calculated until g3 but after I really saw the position in the screen I found Rg4

  11. First move I looked at. I thought it was only find best move not the full variation though lol. Anyway once you said see the variation I spotted the forced mate instantly, and im 1300

  12. Im 300 and played a move for 1600 lol

  13. I'm 2200 in puzzles, but I'm only ~1400 in blitz. It's easy to punish blunders – which is what puzzles are – but it's hard to keep an equal position and find plans organically.

  14. lmao i spotted till the 1800 but then spotted the 2700 and I'm rated 960 lmfao, i don't play much tho

  15. I didn't acknowledge that the rook was hanging – I just thought "oh bishop takes knight" was too forcing for them to just…take it anyways, so I missed the entire line of whites option to take it, I only calculated if they took or pushed. Oops! 😅

  16. bad video, becuase now people become overconfident becuase they were lucky. I mean the video weas good but people now get overconfident which is bad.

  17. This measured correctly my 1700 blitz.

    I could find the best moves later, however. Unfortunately not before the first move. And of course, didn't calculate the entire outcome of the opponent's moves.

  18. First thing I see is Bxf3, freeing the rook to slide over and removing a key defender. If gxf3 in reply, black then has Rg8+. White does have Qxb4 which could be a problem, to save it, black needs to bring the rook back or push c5 to defend which I prefer. There is also something with Qxh4, which Bxf3 sets up by taking the Knight, a more advanced player should be able to still find mate after that sac if going Qxh4 first. That's all I can see right now in a few minutes. I am about 800, puzzle rated 1000 but improving fast. I'm about to take your openings course which looks great.

  19. Interesting this says im 2300 level, but im not even 2100 yet.

  20. I thought my plan to take the knight was a mistake when you said any move that hangs a piece (rook) is bad. Fortunately, as the video progresses it is revealed this is a good line. My calculations got me to the 1800 bracket, so I'm happy with that. Interesting the additional steps needed to follow through on the line and achieve a higher rating. I think I got to 1800 position and thought that's good enough, my opponent's king is weak, my king is quite safe let's stop thinking.

  21. Yes! More "what's my level" challenges. Fun and interesting!

  22. I spotted the beautiful attack on the white king but i didnt even notice my rook is hanging 😂 guess i am somewhere between crazy and genius

  23. i don’t think this is very accurate because i’m like a 1500 and found the top tactic but i guess i just do too many puzzles then

  24. Apparently im 1600, when thats 1000 points above my rating 😂

  25. ok, i picked the move id make after gazing the field, for a whole 10 seconds.
    it seesm that rating 2760+ was too move the king, but instead i was 1 step ahead and moved the pawn, 2 spaces up.
    behind the pawn is the king, ?? if i was too move the king, my rating would limited to a simple mathematical equation.

  26. Yeah , I am about 1600 and attack in hope, and “ what if” . It’s interesting the higher level player takes defensive considerations into consideration as well . Thanks

  27. I got the 1600 rating moves but I'm rated 700 😅😅

  28. I honestly think you play Qxh4 after Rg4 Queen moves, rather than Rxh4 to make it faster, but I don't know if I am missing something

  29. Lol I'm a 1600 yet I'm 820 and go down to 750 regularly and come back up. Blunder King

  30. I’m 800 and you got it exactly right, so that’s cool

  31. I'm curious why that it is not mentioned that there is no forced checkmate after 1.Bxf3! Qxb4 2.Rg8 g3 3.Rg4 because of Qxg4, because after black recaptures the white queen with either pawn or bishop, white can free up his king by moving the f1 rook somewhere to the queenside or play f3 depending on what black captures with, and escape the mate net. Black simply doesn't have enough time to box in the white king, and although white is very objectively worse with 2 rooks vs queen and bishop, at least it's not imminent mate. So in conclusion, I would argue that anything other than Qxg4 in response to Rg4 is not the best response by white.

  32. Here's how they rate the puzzles: They treat the puzzle like a player's elo rating. It's like the puzzle plays you back. The users who try and either fail or solve the problem each have a puzzle rating based off their previous performance. The puzzles are (I think) rated by players with the same rating as the puzzle will solve it correctly 50% of the time.

    The more players who beat it, the lower the elo and vice versa is a good roundabout way to think of it.

    The puzzle's rating is nailed down after enough people have tried it. I would say 100 tries is enough to peg down a pretty stable rating for how hard the puzzle is.

    It's almost as if one's elo rating is a function of how many things they understand about chess.

    Great video. These ones really help. I watch you and agadmator so much that I've developed a thick Russian accent when I play chess.

  33. I spotted queen forward couldn’t be taken because of pin. My confidence is limitless. I am a de facto grand master.
    However, the puzzle is not a realistic position. It was clear there was a checkmating sequence, and that the b5 rook was surplus and could be sacked for tempo. In a real game there is not normally something juicy on offer, just slightly better of worse tactical ideas.
    I suppose I do not belong in the 1300s of chesscom, but in the high and mighty 2000s in the respectable chess masterly levels.😁

  34. درس جيد شكرا كابتن

  35. this is a nice concept. I certainly saw upto 1800 although "tis but a puzzle". I am only 1300 lmao. I like playing free puzzles in lichess

  36. I solved this puzzle differently tbh
    When queen takes rook sac the bishop on g2
    If king takes its forced mate in 3
    If he doesn't take you win the rook and the king is very weak so you can still force mate

  37. What is your ELO if you immediately sacrifice your queen for memes and content?

  38. Guess Im a 2300 rated player somehow, but Can confess that it took Me about 3 seconds to notice the 1600 one, but i work bad with time pressure and is very likely to find the best move when I’m spectating not when I’m playing

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