A Puzzle That Engines Can’t Solve! Are YOU Better than Stockfish? Best Chess Moves, Tactics & Ideas

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Here’s a very interesting but complex chess puzzle, with a position that is actually winning for white. But even the chess engines like stockfish fail to solve this accurately. Let’s see if You can Solve this!
This puzzle will improve your chess skills & sharpen your tactical concepts such as underpromotion, trapping the king, queen sacrifice, tricky knight moves & effective use of the bishop. I also have an interesting chess puzzle at the end of this video, let’s see if you can solve that.


0:00 A Chess Puzzle that Stockfish Can’t Solve
2:40 Squarespace Brief
3:32 Chess Puzzle

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  1. Puzzle is ezpzlemonsqueezy…..rook g6+,f×g6,qh8+,K×h8,R×Rf8 checkmate

  2. rook to d6
    then queen to g7

    Its a mate in just two moves

  3. sir bring alfil to G6 and then he/she is checkmae

  4. But engine says after Knightf7,Kinge2 then King g4

  5. If i am not wrong Mikhail tal was the one to solve this puzzle

  6. i have seen that puzzle previously ,, i think this was the puzzle which was solved by tal ,,

  7. Missed you jitendra sirji. Amir khan ko train kr rhe the kya itne din? 😂

  8. Hello sir , this is my answer for puzzle….. Rg6+ black cannot capture the rook by he pawn coz Qg7+ is checkmate..So he captures with f7 pawn then we give Qh8+ king has to capture Queen then Rxf8 checkmate..👍

  9. Rg6+, f×g6 if h×g6 plays then it's mate by Qg7# so forced to play f×g6.
    Qh8+, king force to take queen so K×h8.
    Then finally Rf8# 🤗

  10. The reason why Stockfish can't find solution is that capturing a queen is not the strongest move for black, ofc after white will get a queen they should win, but it will take MUCH longer than if black would capture it right away!

  11. Written commentary is covering the board, full pieces are not visible.

  12. Stockfish 14+ NNUE at depth 46 (CLOUD) says 1. Nf6+ is 5.5 winning advantage in favour of white. So the engine is able to evaluate it correctly.

  13. my Stockfish 14 was able to spot the win after a few seconds, at depth 34

  14. Rg6 check, f7 x g6, Q x h8 check, K x h8, Rf8 check mate

  15. Plz avoid writing over the board which is really irritating

  16. computer in wrong many time in-game I was white AI shows that black has 90% of winning after my 2 moves it shows I have almost no chance of winning then in my next move I checkmate my opponent

  17. Chess is like a Ocean our knowledge is just one drop in that
    So many variations in one single move

  18. Rook g6!! if the pawn on the H file captures the rook, then Qg7# is mate, if the F pawn captures, then blacks queen is guarding the g7 square but, then Qh8+ the king has to capture the queen, but then the nice Rf8# and that’s a nice checkmate!!

  19. Answer of the puzzle- Rg6+ if..hxg6 Qg7# so.. fxg6 Qh8+ Kxh8 Rxf8#
    I hope my answer is correct.

  20. In my chanel there is chess

  21. Please post a video on the French Defence with Traps and Best moves

  22. who said engine cannot solve? Stockfish solves this at 27 depth

  23. "If he doesn't subscribe, then he is gone. Let me show you how."

  24. can you make a video on this opening "Portuguese Opening"

  25. Rg6+ followed by if hxg6 then Qg7# and if fxg6 then Qh8+ brilliant queen sac and Kxh8 and Rxf1#

  26. Answer to the puzzle:
    1. Rg6+ and black is left with 2 moves. 1.. fxg6 or 1.. hxg6
    (If 1.. hxg6 then 2. Qh7#)
    If 1.. fxg6 then 2. Qh8+ leaves black with only one move.
    2.. Kxh8 and 3. Rxh8#

  27. Mikhail Tal solved this, he was only able to solve this. The Man whose mind worked beyond engines even at infinite depth.
    Greatest of All time. LEGEND.

  28. Answer to the chess puzzle:
    i) 1) Rg6+ hxg6
    2) Qg7#
    ii) 1) Rg6+ fxg6
    2) Qh8+ Kxh8
    3) Rxf8#
    An explanation like you sir:
    i) 1)First, comes the amazing move rook to g6 check.
    If he will take with the h pawn ten Qg7 is mate
    ii) So, he is forced to take with the f pawn.
    2) Then, comes the brilliant move Qh8 check.
    He is forced to take the queen.
    Then, White Rook takes the black rook with a mate.

  29. Please check my answer from the Garry Kasparov you made and you are as smart as him

  30. Rg6+, whatever move he makes will lead to a checkmate.

  31. It's rook to g7 check ,fxg7,then queen to h8 check, kxh8 ,and finally rxf8 checkmate.

  32. The best move for white is castle to F7 to checkmate, if black plays the king to G7 the pawn on H6 is checking him. If he takes the castle the castle on F1 is checking him, and if black moves the king to H8 the queen on D4 is checking him.

  33. I think originally this puzzle was solved my M. Tal.

  34. Answer of puzzle Rg6 if fxg6 then Qh8 force king to take queen Kxh8 and then Rxf8# and if hxg6 then Qg2 # mate

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