A Puzzle That Engines Can’t Solve! Are YOU Better than Stockfish? Best Chess Moves, Tactics & Ideas

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Here’s a very interesting but complex chess puzzle, with a position that is actually winning for white. But even the chess engines like stockfish fail to solve this accurately. Let’s see if You can Solve this!
This puzzle will improve your chess skills & sharpen your tactical concepts such as underpromotion, trapping the king, queen sacrifice, tricky knight moves & effective use of the bishop. I also have an interesting chess puzzle at the end of this video, let’s see if you can solve that.


0:00 A Chess Puzzle that Stockfish Can’t Solve
2:40 Squarespace Brief
3:32 Chess Puzzle

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  1. I became a chess talk player in that tournuments will we get any prizes

  2. Answer for puzzle: rook to g6 check, f7 pawn has to take rook(otherwise queento g7 checkmate), then queen to h8 check, king takes queen and f1 rook to f8 check and it is mate#

  3. Puzzle Answer:

  4. Puzzle Solution-

    – Rook to g6
    pawn on f7 takes it
    – queen to h8
    King takes it
    – Rook to xf8 is a checkmate

  5. Puzzle answer :

    ●Rg6 check




    ●Rxf8 is a lovely checkmate.

  6. Difference between positional chess vs situational chess

  7. The white would have lost this bcs when the bishop was at A4 the rook at C1 could have killed the pawn at G3 in two simple moves and the checkmate could have been prevented.

  8. Bishop to b3 was simpler. I think that way promotion to queen was possible.

  9. rg7 then it will win the rook by f pawn as well then qd5then he will be forced to move his king in the corner and then capturing the black's rook by f file rook is a briliant mate

  10. puzzle answer best move is rg6 check black can take the h pawn or the f but than white can play Qg7 and its a check mate because the quee is defended by the pawn

  11. Is it possible to get 8 queens by promoting a pawn?

  12. Solution to the puzzle.

    1. Rg6+
    2. If hxg6, Qg7#

    And if,

    2. fxg6,
    First a queen sac on h8 and treating mate by taking the rook on f8.

  13. ''He blocks twice, but ultimatly has to surrender to the relentless bishop, and thats a beautiful checkmate!''

  14. you say very clear that I understand very well I was a very bad player first after wating your vidoes I was a good player

  15. RG6
    If Hxg6 then Qg7#
    If Fxg6 then Qh8
    Kxh8 is forced
    and thenRxf8#

  16. first Rg3+ then fxg3 or else Qg2 would be mate then we have Qh8+ and Kxh8 is forced and Rf8 checkmate

  17. from white
    rook takes knight at d6 and queen plays g7 chekmate bingo

  18. r into f7 r into f7 r into f7 q into f7 qg7

  19. Why is no one considering rf6 takes bd6… Then it's a checkmate in the next move man……

  20. Rook g6 check if h takes g6 then queen g7 is a mate..so f is forced to take the rook now we have a stunning move queen h8 check king captures queen. Then you can simply play rook to h8. And that is a stunning mate…

  21. Pawn to e4 capturing the rook and second rook to f7 would be blocking the Queen and in next move Queen to g7 is a mate

  22. Puzzle solution . Rk g6 check. F7 pn take rk g6. Queen h8 check. King take Queen. Rk tk f8 checkmate

  23. I am veryy exited to see your puzzles. Please share more and more puzzles

  24. Leela chess zero is able to solve this puzzle. Probably because Stockfish uses aggressive pruning.

  25. Make a check by rook at g6. Black is left with no option but to kill white's rook. Then white queen moves to g7 which is a checkmate.

  26. puzzle answer is white Rg6+ Black if captures with his rook pawn after Qg7 mate.
    If black captures with his bishop pawn,than white queen goes to the corner and give black check black must take the queen and than rook takes rook and #.

  27. Bruh there was a way to reach there faster
    It starts with Bc2+
    No matter where the king goes,if Kf8 then d8=Q# is simply checkmate and if Kg8 then d8=Q+ then Kf7 is forced and after that Qe7+ after that Kg8 is forced then Qg7 is simply checkmate

  28. After kf5 why not g4 for white

  29. 1:45 Now what if black don't take the queen and plays Kg4 instead. 5.Bd1+ Kxg3. I'm not sure that queen and bishop can win

  30. The answer is Rg6+ their will be black can take The Rook in 2 ways if they take with the H7 pawn Qg7# if they take with the f7 pawn Qh8+ K×Q R×R#

  31. Rook g6
    After captured by f7 pawn….
    queen to h8
    After captured by king….
    Rook f8
    Check Mate✨✨✨

  32. I can belive it! Is the most amazing puzzle.

  33. Solution
    If fxg6
    Then Qh8+
    Rxf8# is a stunning checkmate
    If Hxg6

  34. Rg6+! If he takes the rook with h pawn the Qg7 would b a stunning checkmate so he will take with the f pawn protecting g7 square but there one more sacrifice Qh8+!! Only option is to take the queen and the rook delivers the mate by Rxf8#

  35. I found the solution to the mate in 3 puzzle, it is Rg6+ and the pawn on h7 can't take since then it would be a mate in 1 with Qg7# so black takes with the pawn on f7, then you do Qh8+, the king is forced to take, and then you do Rxf8#

  36. I think stockfish is right as i move knigt to f7 creating double attack, the engine shows me why blunder black will be mated in 11 .
    So stockfish knows this step is wrong decision

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