A Peculiar Endgame Puzzle

Here’s the puzzle FEN:
5k2/8/3p3P/3p2p1/6P1/3p2P1/3P2P1/5K2 w – – 0 1

Puzzle Details:
No. 3965 AI.P. Kuznetsov (xi.77)
4 H.M., Revista Romana de Sah, 1977

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The chess set behind me:
The Pieces:
The Board:

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  1. I'd probably find a way to lose this with white.

  2. I was thinking the good move is to push pawn to buy time for King but knew couldn't be this easy.

  3. This is very interesting puzzle, the pawns are perfectly place to win the game for white. Stay sharp, play smart and take care!

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