A Peculiar Endgame Puzzle

Here’s the puzzle FEN:
5k2/8/3p3P/3p2p1/6P1/3p2P1/3P2P1/5K2 w – – 0 1

Puzzle Details:
No. 3965 AI.P. Kuznetsov (xi.77)
4 H.M., Revista Romana de Sah, 1977

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  1. why doesnt white just push the pawn and get a queen

  2. THE piece of experience that had been noted before, in another video:

    Pawns pushes straight but captures diagonal, he cannot move in diagonal unless there is a target to be captured. When the pawns contact and get stuck it is safe and prevented them from running to be promoted even if they are not linked at all. Capturing, on the other hand changes the file of this pawn. It may release the empty file for an enemy pawn to run past, so be cautious as sometimes it's better to push rather than capture.

    In this position it's more obvious. The stacked pawns can be stopped by whatever obstacles even if he can't capture them (such as a bishop). Both player got their pawns path blocked off. As with this case when the black pawns "consolidate" they lost their chances to move at all resulting in a must for moving the king. And in another video I remembered this can be bad to black since it might be the case that EVERY move can be a blunder. With some pieces to blow away the chance to move you avoid this sh1t.

  3. Brilliant! I love how you get these puzzles and nake it look so easy to solve! Keep 'em acoming!

  4. When the black king enters E file, white can make queen and win.

  5. Man, these Danya endgame quizzes just keep getting harder

  6. Maravilloso, saludos desde la isla de Mallorca

  7. I was expecting it to be a tempo thing, where the key was to make sure that black must move their king

  8. this will be more fun with the king camp mate rule
    also if pons could move backwords

  9. Why does the youtube algorithm push long comments? I've noticed that in videos about chess, as well as videos not about chess, there tends to be either a lack of chess pieces or an overabundance of chess pieces. I am also testing if putting a massive wall of text will force the youtube algorithm to misplay and put this at the top of the comment section. Pawns move in diagonal ways, and knights can move two squares forward and one square to the left. e4/e5 is a very common move.

    Additionally, the Queen is the best piece in chess. It can move diagonally and vertically, and horizontally. This means that if you have two queens, and your opponent has one queen, you have a huge advantage.

  10. I've seen one of your other videos, before I look at this, can white make an en passant capture?😁😁

  11. not surprised white wins. 1050% of these puzzles on any chess channel is white win

  12. You should make a April fools video with 'Does white win?' in the thumbnail and make a 10 minute explanation about how white wins but actually white is losing

  13. Can't white just not take the d3 pawn when you don't force the pawn pushes and go with the original plan of attacking the pawn chain from the back? That way you still prevent the black king from getting to the d2 pawn (without taking a huge detour to b2, which just like in the solution black has no time for as far as I can see)

  14. At 4:50, a interesting idea would be to, after black king to E4, push Pawn to D3. The Black king is forced to move back, it can't take the pawn as the King is protecting it, wasting their turn, and you can push the pawn again to push the black king even further back, still protected by the White King. This would push the Black King back to either 6F or 6E (Or 4E but I don't know if that's a better or worse position). I'm not sure you could win like that, but at the very least you could probably go for a draw instead of losing the game outright.

  15. What if instead of capturing on d3 the king goes to d4 in the final scenario. Does that make any differance?

  16. Put it into stockfish its a draw. After black king takes on h6 he can play the waiting move g7.

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  18. If you put this position in stockfish and try to play it, its a draw

  19. What if when white king is in c3 and black king is in e4, you move d2 pawn to d3 to attack the black king, forcing a move away check?

  20. Hey Nelson, did you ever play against yourself? I would love a Video about how to play against yourself and if there are any benefits.

  21. This endgame is impossible to find.
    I just click to comment, not watching.
    Sorry. I hope this comment will improve your way of making content.

  22. "You think you're blocking me out with these pawn moves? You're blocking yourself!"

  23. In a real over the board game I quad stacked my opponent's pawns. I had to sack like 11 points of material to achieve this, I still won.

  24. I put the thumbnail postion into lichess and played through it and figured out the win. From the actual start of the composition I wouldn't have figured out to go up though.

  25. This is a perfect example of a 'corresponding squares' puzzle.

  26. Brilliant! I love how you get these puzzles and nake it look so easy to solve! Keep 'em acoming!

  27. Does ke1 after kf2 not work either?

  28. I don’t play it but I know just a little about it I see in the start of the game king black can’t kill that pawn down but when king white go to the right side the king black can go and kill it then go down with one pawn if you see the pawns of plack has more advanced if you see this I don’t think so please till me iam write or wrong 😅

  29. This puzzle is nice because the options are very limited, so you have to play deep into the position to find answers. Very interesting.

  30. i got completely tricked
    i thought that the trick was that we have to go long the way because the other way black can just block us

  31. I saw f2 cus I figured. "If I just push the king then the king can probably get to it in time, so maybe if I force it 1 square forward I get there 1 step quicker. Didn't even consider f3 because I thought it's a precious waste of time

  32. This Peculiar Endgame Puzzle speaks for itself

  33. Puzzle is not what was shown on the thumbnail! reeee

  34. Wouldn’t at the end the black king get the pawn anyways ♟ cause by the time the pawn gets promote to a queen. Black king can take it lol

  35. Man, Maizelis must be smiling at you from Caissa's Heaven! Great choice!

  36. Did you make a mistake in black king movement? It seems like black king can move diagonally to capture the white pawn and gain an extra step which allows it to block white king on abc files

  37. I find these puzzles more fascinating than real chess. Very educational.

  38. What if instead of all that, you just promote a pawn to queen?

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