A Mind-blowing Trap | Chess Opening Tricks to WIN Fast #shorts

Here’s an Amazing Chess Opening Trick in the Dutch Defense to Trap & Checkmate the black king in just 8 Moves.
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  1. Let me correct him: black is aware of this so he plays pawn to d5😂

  2. Wtf if the frontier move the king from it's place at c2 then the games start playing lol this happens only luck by chance😂🥲sorry

  3. I used this against my friend who is really good at chess and I beat him thank you

  4. You guys do realise that a simple move like d6 or d5 literally makes the hole point of the video worthless right?

  5. God I hope this isn’t racist but I really fucking love the way he talks.

  6. And dats a beaudiful checkmade lol love id

  7. Saamne waala bewakoof nhi hota Actuall chess is a lot different

  8. D5 once he realizes, instead of the rook blunder?

    Love ur accent though. “ …cunning move.” Lol

  9. What if black playthe pawn in front of the queen or king in place of rook ? White loose the bishop anyways 😢

  10. I am doing these moves since childhood…

  11. The problem is …..who ever moves there f7 pawn

  12. People don’t actually realise how beautiful of a game chess is.

  13. no one plays 1d4 1f5 unfortunately, it's 1d4 1d5 or 1d4 1e5 followed by knights to protect the pawns

  14. Who moves all three pawns off the left or right side?

  15. Do we have to resign if the opponent does not play f4?

  16. No one gonna fall for that shit , even begginners

  17. Yes! now I have the best way to simultaneously ruin my English accent and play a killer opening.

  18. Nobody in the world would ever open with that as black what?

  19. Fact: None of these tricks work in front of the computer bot.

  20. As a dutch defense player, everyone who plays the dutch knows this trap already 💀

  21. Black should move Bg7 to let king escape rather than move his rook.

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