A Mind-Blowing Chess Puzzle 🤯

Here’s the FEN of this crazy chess problem:
8/7N/3N4/7k/8/4K3/1n5p/8 w – – 0 1

Puzzle Details:
1st Pr., Shakhmaly v SSSR, 1957-11

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The chess set behind me:
The Pieces:
The Board:

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  1. At the end of the second one, why can't the queen just take the knight on G3? The king can't take back.

  2. I am enjoying your puzzles – thank you for sharing them

  3. What if white plays at 4:45 knight e2 instead of knight g5 check?

  4. What if you move the knight c6 to f5?

  5. You know I liked how you trapped the king with two knights and a king

  6. But at the end couldn’t the black queen just take our knight at g3 and get protection from the king.

  7. This video taught me that the Horsies are good

  8. in the position with the queen next to the two knights, why couldnt the queen just capture the right knight and win?it seems like it's a win for black

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  10. The fun begins offering a draw after Ng5+

    “You wish crazy pants!”

    Offer again after visiting the bathroom and kitchen. Do be nice and bring back a soda, beer or snacks for the next game.

  11. If the queen were to take the knight at that end position White's king can't take it because of the black, king, so its not safe or am I missing something?

  12. Everytime 2000+ elo rated players are losing like -12,they always somehow either win or draw anyway. HOW?

  13. Also how do insane people even make these puzzles

  14. Knight is tricky and lead to beautiful puzzle

  15. My skills are still too weak to figure all that, and you must do it from the head. I would watch all day and not figure anything. How long must a person play chess to develop needed skills to know this.

  16. These puzzles never fail to impress me! I always think: “oh yeah, it gonna be the traditional underpromotion to a knight or whatever, or y’know the average weird sacrifice” but there is always something new and exciting! Keep going with this series, I love chess puzzles. Yes, I edited this, but just because it doesn’t look quite so much like a bot anymore

  17. If only I had known this trick I would have made my third GM norm

  18. This excellent endgame study was composed by V. Jakimtsjik in 1957, and it's confirmed to be sound by tablebases. After 1.Ne4 Kh4, note that 2.Nf2? would lose to the deflection 2…Nd1+! 3.Nxd1 h1=Q, when a queen wins against two knights.

  19. I thought it was easy because I set up the position and played it against Lichess and it lost the queen to the most basic initial knight fork.

  20. why cant the queen take the knight on g3

  21. I had the idea of making a perpetual, but was far from making it work, trying to force the king to a corner somehow. The idea that I missed, which is not mentioned, is how white forcing the queen to g2 blocks the king to allow for a 2 knight perpetual away from the corner. Man is that clever.

  22. Not good at chess, could we have more analysis on why Black's initial move isn't king to any other spot than the one we analyzed?

  23. Tbch I got a couple moves right anf I'm very proud of myself

  24. I think black changing the first king move probably could have avoided stalemate.

  25. Reminds me of this puzzle: 4n1NK/8/8/5p1n/8/8/2k5/8 w – – 0 1

  26. Maybe it's just because I'm not all that great at chess, but at 1:11, why can't we just move the knight to f2 and essentially lock the pawn from moving forward while we reorient our position? Ultimately I can see it's neither as aggressive nor as effective as the moves Vibes goes with, but it's glossed over like it's not even an option.

  27. If the queen takes the upper knight it’s protected by the king and can’t get taken

  28. Nelson, I commented on mitronafovs deflection, and I think I figured out how black could’ve have actually deflected mate, could you check it out

  29. But what if they didn’t promote to a queen

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