A Little Chess Magic | Cool Chess Puzzle #1 (Bodo Van Dehn)

I’ve seen a lot of chess puzzles, and this one is the coolest of them all. Is this the best chess puzzle ever? See what you think! This puzzle was created by Bodo Van Dehn and published in the German chess composition magazine “Die Schwalbe” in August of 1951.


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  1. feels like i find out a case to promote knight rather than a queen for the first time

  2. I found it quite quickly, yet I made 1 mistake.. I didn't realise the last promotion to a Knight was checkmate so I chose a Queen… The Knight makes it an even cooler puzzle!

  3. Pfffff this took me a fortnight to find! (get it?)

  4. Alekhine composed it, but with a slight alteration. Final promotion is to a queen, with some additional, clever moves.

  5. I always think of what would happen if I promote to a knight before I promote and then I realized the solution, haven't finished the video but I'm pretty sure you keep sacking your knight until g8=knight#

  6. Took me a few minutes but I figured it out! Great!

  7. Its cool and all, but my first move would have been King to H7, check mate

  8. Great puzzle I didn't solve it, you definitely need to think out the box a bit! 😀

  9. what about king to g8, then king to f7, advance to queen, mate in 4?

  10. i saw the solution in the first 5 seconds after looking at it – only a knight could have done it 😉

  11. You could use your first two moves to move your king and allow black to move their king, promote your pawn, and take all their pawns and promote your other pawns…

  12. very good.   I didn't think of sacrificing the knight

  13. Tell me where i'm wrong ? i'll move KG8 black is forced to do d3 then Kf8 then make queen and finish the game

  14. Okay, what?
    As a total chess noob, I can't fathom how one would not be able to go and destroy all the black pawns with a queen-promoted pawn and/or eventually get the king?

    Is it just because the opponent happens to run out of legal moves, but because they're not in checkmate, then it's a stalemate? :/

  15. What about:

    1. king h8 to g8, d4 to d3
    2. king g8 to f7, king h6 to h7 (only move)
    3. a7 to a8 get queen, king h7 back to h6 (only move)
    4. queen a8 to h8, checkmate

    Admit it's not as elegant, but why not finish it quickly?

  16. I remember when I was in this position once

  17. You move white pawn on D3 to D3 n the game over for black. Whoever made this puzzle is an idiot

  18. How the White King ended up in the 8th rank still amazes me!

  19. Solved it immediately, but wouldn't have seen it if it wasn't given that it is a Chess Puzzle (also I always think of promoting pawn to knight first just because there's some cool mates i've done/seen with it)

  20. You could promote to a queen the last time, then mate on g6? One more move, though …

  21. I do not think there's any way this position can be arrived at with fairly logical play from both sides as it is virtually impossible for the black king to get stuck like that

  22. I'm a 1400 and found this pretty quickly. Knowing it's a study and the only 1st two moves which avoid stalemate gives the concept away. Cool 😊

  23. A8 promotes to knight, knight to b6, c6-c7, c7-c8, knight to d6, pawn moves to e8, knight to f6, g6 to queen, queen to h7, checkmate.

  24. Wow. That was really complex. I would have never got those moves.

  25. It's brilliant. Took me a few minutes to see it, but worth the deliberation. I love the consistency of the final move too.

  26. Chess Sincere Videos (Mukul Suhas Padgaonkar) says:

    Great puzzle.

  27. Nice! On g8 I would promote to a Q. This way there are a ton of checkmates to choose from unless black takes the pawn on g4 then there is just one.

  28. how it is a stalemate??? will you please help me out tp know

  29. Damn it took me a whole knight to solve this

  30. Mind = blown! I saw that white had to underpromote to a knight at least twice and then clicked play. Beautiful puzzle.

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