A Grandmaster Does Puzzle Rush Survival | 0 to 50

The strategy for solving chess puzzles in this video will be useful for beginners and intermediate players.

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  1. How the fuck does his brain work, the position spawns and he is like "oooh nice checkmate pattern with queen sacrifice" and I'm still trying to understand the position, wtf !??

  2. Geez. That second puzzle was a surprisingly difficult to spot mate in 1 for 200 elo.

  3. Managed to fail on 17, 27, and 31. This is my normal run, so nice to see puzzles after this stage. Maybe 35 is my best, certainly not 40.

  4. how many millions of puzzles do I have to solve to get this good?

  5. i had some puzzles where i'd make the right move because it's check but it does nothing and the puzzles are like "nice" but then i insert the EXACT POSITION into stockfish and stockfish says it's losing no matter what. really. i had one puzzle where i carefully inserted the exact position and stockfish said there is no move that will make you win. and ofc, again, the move you had to make was a meaningless check. i'm writing that because danya said it will always be winning moves, but seriously, sometimes they're not (because there will be none lol) and i don't know what these puzzles are for in that case. i can make a FEN if someone doesn't believe me because i saved 1 puzzle which was "unsolveable" even by stockfish. the rest i forgot, but i have 1 so it should be more than enough anyway 🙂 i always anylyse a puzzle if i think it doesn't make any sense to see why. and it sometimes actually doesn't make any sense.

  6. Best player/teacher combo out there, another brilliant vid Cheers Dude

  7. Very nice. It would have been good to see the rating of each puzzle though, in larger font. Maybe I missed it on the screen while watching from mobile.

  8. the last 5 puzzles are somehow as easy as the first 5 but the 1200-2000 puzzles were harder!?

  9. Viewing this once helped me break my record (a modest 37, but I got 30 in a row!). If I keep viewing this, maybe I might to 40? or dare I say, 50?

  10. 47:56 I think I found a third solution. What about knight c7,which also attacks the black rook?,If they take our rook ,we take the rook with the knight,and then its a bishops and queen vs knights and queen endgame.And if they play rook a7,w e play rook d1 which pressurs the pawn,and in that casee the rook on a7,so we can take the pawn,and,and I think we can win the bishop.and if we even don't wib the bishop. It is a strong battery if the file open,cause our knights strong,and if the file opens,we could Have a queen trade,cause in that case the rook on still a7,our rook d8 maybe later can come with a check. And if bishop takes the other knight,we take the rook,they take the rook,thej king f1 attacks the bishop,they forced to move and we won a tempó,and our knight and queen still stronger at the other side of the board I think.

  11. As a German-speaking person, my highlight of the video is Danya saying "make some Luft"

  12. In puzzle 23, why did you take the white knight? Wasnt it already mate with Qg2?

  13. Great video, immediately went from 31 to 38 as my pb thanks to you

  14. I can normally get to about 15 pretty easily. My best ever is 25 lol.

  15. “this gonna get more calculationally heavy” on the first puzzle i saw right away (after the first easy ones)

  16. i love the way ypu explained, so easy to understand and very relax and charming

  17. Coming back here because I got the puzzle he got wrong Ty for free puzzle elo

  18. Well, Dania is officially my favourite chess tutor now) Thank you very much!

  19. My record on survival is 56. Is that low? 😢

  20. At 15:25, did you really need to take the knight? Couldn't you place the queen on g2 defended by your knight for checkmate?

  21. Love this!! I know you are already doing other videos but whenever you feel like doing another of these I'll watch for sure!!

  22. Nah this is very bad teaching. He’s assuming the student can see as fast as he can. Wonderful chess player. Poor pedagogy.

  23. Absolutely loved this video! Really helps me better understand levels of tactical thinking, both in-game and while puzzle solving.
    I'm especially greatful for the endgame detailed explanation at 15:45 !

  24. I’ve always thought his videos are long . I tried watching one and i didn’t even realize 49 minutes has passed

  25. Wait why was there checkmate at puzzle 8 when knight moved to d3

  26. I reached it in my D27 vid, literally from 21 to 29 is harder than 32 to 40

  27. at 31:48 i'm not seeing why Qxd8 is a bad option? just because the attack runs out of steam? but it seems like a good trade to me

  28. Umm, you didn't do a puzzle #0, so why didn't you do puzzle #50? this was 0 to 49, or 1 to 50, but not 0 to 50 :p

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