A Difficult Endgame Puzzle To Solve

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  1. Okay, but after the king maneuver Ka5->Kb6, can’t black just go Rb8 and keep checking white, forcing white’s king round-and-round the b5 pawn, leading again to a draw by 3-move repetition (at best, for white)?

  2. i actually had a very similar position otb but didnt find it lol what

  3. Interesting study, but you might want to work on your thumbnails mr Nelson

  4. 9:03 cant you just play Rh1+ Kg7 Rg1+ any King move and then RxRg8?

  5. Please don't inhale through your mouth, let the air pass through the filters of your nostrils. That way is healthier for you far less triggering.

  6. Kg8 after that rg7+ kf8 idk what white dose RB8 CHECKMATE FOR BLACK A 100 ELO PLAYER IS SMARTER in the middle in the vid you can check mate or stale mate as black

  7. Wow my first road map was rook from b7 to d7 black plays Re4+ and I was thinking Kc3 because I thought blacks idea was Rd4 to keep I rook guarding the d pawn after 3. Kc3 Rc4+ 4. Kxd2 Rxd7+ 5. Rxd7 Ra4 6.a7 after which black can check on the a file till my king chases him away and I promote or he sacs on a7 totally mis evaluated the position

  8. 2:07 I think it's Rd7 either forcing a trade or getting the pawn

  9. Wow, that's a lucky person, getting you as a personal, personal coach, even if for a night! Good luck to you all, hope you find clever puzzles to bring to the channel :3 have fun

  10. White can force a draw no matter what essentially

  11. It really tricky! I thought it is a draw. Rook endgame is super hard and tricky!

  12. I didn't know Shia Lebouf was so good at chess

  13. This is a great puzzle because it's actually not unheard of to have a position like this. A lot of puzzles seem to be very unlikely positions.

  14. нарезки каналов с твича says:

    What do u think about move the rock from e8 to e7 it is win for Black?

  15. You know you did not got to the line where the black rook just takes the white rook which is not lined up to pawn …..Hence You embarrassed yourselve again

  16. Why can you not take the pawn at 5:39? You don't have to push the A-Pawn allone. You can Keep him nearby the King. So the King defends always the pawn. And even if the Black King tries to capture the Rook, you can easily move the Rook D line up and down. The Result is, atbthe end Black has to sacrifice their rook for the promoted A- pawn. After that, you can capture Blacks pawn and you are completly winning. To conlude: Capture the Black pawn with the King –> Black has to defend their pawn with their rook –> White King goes one up and still defends the white pawn –> Black King goes to the white rook –> white moves the rook on the D line –> Black is moving the king (no other Option, because blacks rook has to defend the Black pawn) –> white moves the King one up (still defending whites pawn)–> black moves their King –> white pushes the pawn –> blacks King goes to the white rook –>wihte promotes the pawn to a queen–> black has to sacrifice their rook for the queen –> white captures the rook with the king–> blacks king Tries to capture whites rook–>white captures the Black pawn with the rook and is winning. Please correct me, if i am wrong. 🙂 Thx for your Videos. I really learn from those. Keep doing it!! 🙂

  17. alternative solution: unli checks to flag the enemy off to oblivion

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