A chess puzzle with a BRILLIANT deflection tactic

Just came across this puzzle today on chess.com. Solved it in around 3 minutes.
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Check out the analysis of the game here:
Link to the chess.com tactic:
For some reason, Rc4 was considered a blunder even though it’s the best move according to the tablebase.
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  1. Wow, that's a beautiful move! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Rip to ppl who thought you were in black pov

  3. Question, instead of bishop f2 cant you play bishop g1?

  4. The end game of this end game study with everyone playing the best moves ‘black blunders’

  5. "If both play the same move it will end in a draw"
    1 second earlier… blunder

  6. A chess puzzle where white can unbelievably escape perpetual check: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gb2_SKwf9X8
    To everyone saying black blundered, you should check the endgame with a tablebase before commentating, as all of the moves are best according to the tablebase. Besides, the whole point of the study is the rook sacrifice not the queen vs rook checkmate. https://lichess.org/analysis/standard/1K6/7Q/8/8/1k6/8/r7/8_b_-_-_0_1#1 (If you still don't believe it)

  7. Rg2 is brilliant
    evaluation bar: goes down

  8. What's with the annoying robot voice? Just narrate it yourself so we don't have to listen to it completely stumbling over chess notation…

  9. This brilliant move with the rock is very cool, i like it!

    edit: I'll apologise: rook, not the rock))

  10. so now puzzles are asking for brilliant moves lmao

  11. When you watch these riddles with this voice after seeing so many troll videos with this voice and nuclear rockets or tanks and see these strange solutions and are like „am I getting trolled again???“

  12. this video was garbage, if i wanted to watch some cool puzzles i'd go watch hikaru or eric being better than me not this

  13. When I play a move like that, the computer says blunder🤔🤔🤔

  14. Anybody here “pon” instead of “pawn”

  15. I'm surprised any Brilliant moves exist when there are this few pieces on the board; you'd think that all the possibilities would be plumbed in a second by the computer, given that one easy human video watch could cover them all

  16. You do these puzzules yourself right, what rating are you? Just wondering cus this is good.

  17. 2:23 I was thinking why doesn't the black rook just take the other pawn on H7? But I realized white rook would take black rook on H7 leaving white king and rook against only black king – winning for white. I can't find any holes in this puzzle either. Nice!

  18. Lol what’s the point of rg2 it’s a rook sac he would’ve sac his rook anyway if he promoted it’s same result

  19. There are two reasons of sacrifice
    1) Oponent wastes his move on taking that piece
    2) Improving position of pieces or opening some pieces to get ready for attack

  20. 1:00 how is rook vs bishop endgame a draw? edit: i just played it with stockfish and it is indeed a draw

  21. I love how the rhotic accent makes "pawn" sound like "porn." My apologies if I got the term wrong.

    1:28 "As white would have no "porn(s)" left. And it gets better.

  22. If only you could begin to help me understand the rook vs queen endgame

  23. Black had only 98,8 move accuracy is unfair… I mean ra2 was error move while best move was rxh7 but both white wins

  24. wait i tried it and it said bf2 is actually the brilliant move xD

  25. That was actually a pretty easy to find brilliant move

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