A Chess Puzzle To Impress Your “Friends” 😉

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Puzzle FEN:
8/1PPP4/6p1/6Pk/7p/5P1P/6PK/2q5 w – – 0 2

Puzzle Details:
Mikhail Afanasievich Zinar, 1983

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  1. This is another example of how chess has infinite possibilites.

  2. What amazes me is who composes these puzzles, and how the hell do they do it? How many hours does it take to test all the possible moves and narrow it down to just one solution?!

  3. Why at very start black moved Qc1 instead of Qc7+?

  4. Why not push the G pawn to G4 and then play it out from there? It's faster and less chances to screw up.

  5. I wonder whats happening with the 3 fisherman on puzzle Island 🤔

  6. A chance to get 3 queens and yet the best White can do is stalemate or be perpetually checked if he does…🤣🤣…chess is funny like that sometimes. Nice puzzle, Nelson.

  7. It's a mate in 20:
    c8= R Qf4+ Kh1 Qe5 b8= B Qa1+ Kh2 Qd4 d8= R Qf4+ Kh1 Qb4 Rf8 Qe1 Kh2 Qe7 Rcd8 Qg7 Rde8 Qd7 Rh8+ Kxg5 f4+ Kf6 Rhf8+ Qf7 Be5 Kf5 Rxf7+ Ke4 Rd7 g5 Bg7+ Kf5 Rd6 g4 Rf6#

  8. Coolio! I guess a lot of people think of choosing a Queen [I probably would!]. It's the affect language has on us too. 'Promote' maybe should be used as the norm, as 'queening' is the problem, innit?!

    It's short but cool
    White: Kd1, Bd6
    Black: a2, Kb2, Na4
    White to play and draw
    Every white's move is forced
    Good luck

  10. Never promote to Queen. Got it, useful tip

  11. The answer to all of these puzzles is to do the least obvious thing.

  12. What about G4? They have to en passant, you take back and the game goes on

  13. I was hoping the third underpromotion would be the knight

  14. Why did he put Friends in exclamation marks.💀

  15. Here a chess puzzle i made when i was bored.

    White’s Pieces: Knight on c4, Bishop on d4, 2 rooks on c3 and d3, and King on h1.
    Black’s Pieces: King on b8, and 3 pawns on a7, b7, and c7.

    White to move and win.
    Find Mate in 3.

  16. d8=Q is wrong because of the stalemate trap
    b8=Q is wrong because of the perpetual check
    I think c8=Q might be wrong because of Qb2, covering h8, and setting up a different perpetual check, and you can' really defend those those checking squares (e5 and e1), because of the same stalemate trap
    Oh no wait white could still play b8=B after Qb2. I don't know what black would do after that. Oh well I give up, I might be way off.

  17. I was hoping the winning move would be g4 to provoke en passant

  18. Hey Nelson, what about Qe1 going for perpetual check?

  19. Title says "friends" with quotation marks because it knows that we don't have real friends

  20. “If you dont find this fashinating, maybe chess is not your thing” 😬

  21. At 4:26 Black has Q:g2+ with stalemate right around the corner)

  22. Fur real? China zoo officials say bear is not a human in a costume.

    I think bear is Nelson the bear costume.

  23. Chess is not just a game, it's an art and a science.

  24. Chess vibes español channel has been deleted. Why? I was planning to learn Spanish using Nelson's chess videos.

  25. The cover shows 3 queens but the actual video only shows 3 pawns. It’s clickbait so therefore I’m ganna down vote this video

  26. the only puzzle that promoting to a bishop is the answer

  27. What about not promoting at all and playing g4+?

  28. Would have liked to see why G4 didn’t work

  29. Whoever came up with this puzzle is a genius.

  30. I wonder if there a puzzle in which you should underpromote to a rook three times.

  31. The thumbnail is misleading, because Qg4 is mate.

  32. Um…ok, I see how that could win but what about the move g4. It puts the king in check and the only way out is en passant or take the pawn giving black a move.

  33. D8 Equal to The rooooooooooooooooooooook

  34. was sure it was going to involve a forced en passant by pushing G2 > G4

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