A Cheater Tried To Solve This…

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8/8/2RQP3/2PKB3/3RP3/8/1q6/5k2 b – – 0 1

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  1. I knew the girl was correct not because of any chess concepts but because the modern stereotype that girls are smarter than boys at everything permeates everything.

  2. there is another solution with the white queen doing check to black king

  3. Интересно, но если предположить, что сторона черных снизу – как пешки белых могут ходить назад?)

  4. Sometimes the Botez Gambit is the best move

  5. Why does he always say that white's pawns are going forward? It's hilarious 🤣

  6. Female intuition beats male logic once again.

  7. If white is playing for a draw, what is wrong with prepetual?

  8. Honestly, at what Elo do you expect this puzzle should always be solved? I think it's a bad puzzle.

  9. Wow at first i thought it was beautiful a black victory but the solution is even better.

  10. White wins for sure. Everybody who thinks black wins is just stupid

  11. I dumb or something Because if it’s a draw can’t The rug just go from C4 to D4

  12. Let me guess, that Old man Was Gary Kasparov.

  13. White or black can both win or lose depending who’s playing …

  14. Stsrting at 1:50 theres a few moves queen vs rook that black still checkmates.
    Should i explain, umless you can find it?
    Pretty simple thought process.

  15. What does tgis have to do with a cheater?
    I suppose the girl, but then youve just shown both are correct.
    But there are more than 1 way the black wins.

  16. You made up a whole story to make the title 'A cheater tried to solve this…' well, checkmate I guess because I clicked on it.

  17. the young girl didnt even plan the escape for white, she just said "white wins because white has more material"

  18. Why all that when I can leave the match?

  19. Why didn’t the computer figure this out though…?

  20. I also thought on queen to e3, it was kind of the best solution because you could get out of check and put the enemy on check

  21. I guess white will win with sacrifice. Sometimes when ahead of material I do it to avoid stalemate and easy win.

  22. I knew from the beginning that the girl was right. The woman is always right in these "who is right" stories because everyone is afraid of being accused of mansplaining in these days of Woke.

  23. “because it has more pieces” is only one of the reasons

  24. But the white must move first,
    Or not?

  25. The most amazing thing about this puzzle is that the boy used a smart phone to find the solution in 1959!
    Joking aside what a great puzzle!

  26. The girl is basically a lucky person who always gets the answer right but used the wrong method

  27. Can you make a game without taking the pawn, Bishop, knight but not rook

  28. the old man needs to explain how such a position even happens

  29. Why couldn't white just block repeatedly with first rook if we wanted draw?

  30. I let Stockfish run for hours: Depth 84 sees M26 for white. However, after move 13 for white, it realizes that it's only mate in 12 from there. Therefore, it's Mate after 24 moves, as far as I know.

  31. I'm 100% sure the cheater would have seen that coming.

  32. So the solution is simple, all 3 are correct for a very simple reason, what moves is the deciding factor.

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