A BRILLIANT Chess Puzzle with 3 Quiet Queen Moves in a row!

Another short but brilliant chess puzzle for today. Stayed tuned for one of the greatest puzzles coming this week.
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I know quiet moves are usually not direct threats, but any quiet move has a deep idea that could be interpreted as a threat in the position, and these are still non-check/capture and one-square moves.


  1. I'm new to chess. What is a "quiet move" exactly?

  2. I wish i could get a brilliant move like these xD

  3. ?. …cxd4 +M46
    ?+1. Qxa5 +52.8 (missed win for me)

  4. Brilliant! Greetings from Argentina.

  5. Puzzles with quiet moves are often highly difficult to solve.

  6. Even If I rarely play chess, these vids are fun

  7. I don't think I've ever seen a position where capturing en passant is not possible because the pawn is pinned. There should be a chess puzzle where the solution hinges on this idea – the pawn being pinned when the move is made, and then even if the opponent unpins it's too late because capturing en passant can no longer be played.

  8. the way he used to say checkmate it was so funny lol

  9. 2:45 chess engine be like: you idiot!!1!1!1 how did you not see the mate in 46 moves?1?

  10. I feel like a genius for solving this puzzle 😋

  11. when you have +M46 at 2:44 you should not take the queen obviously

  12. 2:45
    Yeah free queen
    Stockfish:nah checkmate in 46 moves lets go

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