A BRILLIANT Chess Puzzle with 3 Quiet Queen Moves in a row!

Another short but brilliant chess puzzle for today. Stayed tuned for one of the greatest puzzles coming this week.
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I know quiet moves are usually not direct threats, but any quiet move has a deep idea that could be interpreted as a threat in the position, and these are still non-check/capture and one-square moves.


  1. me: this is brilliant
    also me reaching this position and conceding: but i like this

  2. its not a mate on g5 with queen the black king can play e4

  3. ah a brilliant puzzle which of course I, a 900, can perfectly understand

  4. White makes a brilliant move by creating this channel, bcoz everytime the enemy thinks he's winning then the channel will play Brilliant moves to make a winning position.

  5. Bro you missed the mate in 46 tho by not taking the queen

  6. bonus points if you find the Mate in 46 right before the queen capture

  7. I recently got a brilliant move-but blundered the next move

  8. Noob you took the queen when there was an obvious mate in 46. Lol nice puzzle

  9. The last quiet move was so difficult to see, then I analysed and I saw the en passant and was like OHHHHH, cool puzzle

  10. And now, the true intention has been revealed… Love these videos!!

  11. captures pawn
    rated best move by engine
    also engine: MATE IN 46

  12. Who else wants to see the checkmate in 46 moves?

  13. I would’ve messed up that last position anyway lmao

  14. 와… 저럴수가 있구나
    폰 3개 차이가 나는데 이기네

  15. Well at 1:53 for me the best move is Qg3 check then the kinge4 and Qe3 checkmate i think ?????

  16. This is incredible! Thanks so much for sharing.

  17. Lmao what a noob missed mate in 46


  18. «And now the entire idea of this chess puzzle is revealed.» I'm developing a moderate addiction to this.

  19. Man that was absolutely sick but the problem is that this is a position from 69.200.///./// positions possible


  21. My computer can't find the mate in 49 does it exist?

  22. I found the 1st queen move. Bravo.
    I found the 2nd one too! That was easy.
    And the third one was easier.

  23. 2:43 you really think they would be able to resist capturing en passant?

  24. Wow, is this even possible to calculate it in your head🤯

  25. this dude should have the record for most brilliant moves played

  26. Yeah! That was beautiful! So amazing yet I might've been able to solve it, so awesome!

  27. Anyone a fan of Otto blathy's mega puzzle?

  28. Why couldn’t Black do an en passant to get a passed pawn?

  29. 2:46, you don't have to take the queen, you can just mate black in 46 moves

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