A BRILLIANT Chess Puzzle that takes 70+ Moves to Win!

A chess puzzle that involves triangulation and some promotion tactics. Probably the most realistic long puzzle other than tablebase mates.
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Check out the analysis of the game here: (depth=20)
This puzzle is composed by V. Jakimtsijk in 1962.
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I’m getting more and more done much early now! Expect more uploads at closer to 7:30 AM GMT!


  1. I said it on his last video, but he probably spends hours making these. Pay your respects now. ♟

  2. lol gotta love that randomly kd1 is declared brilliant

  3. my brain hurts. I'll just watch again I'm sure Ill understand next time 😉

  4. These triangulation puzzles are so satisfying.

  5. lets all take a moment and honor that he finds these amazing puzzles which probably takes him hours!!!! thanks alot for this content man!

  6. cjxchess17: posts this video
    people play bullet games: this is beautiful

  7. First time see white has an inaccurate move but accuracy overall 99.7 lol

  8. POV You have 10 seconds to play this

  9. 0:43 what if whites plays c3 check with pawn and after king moves we promote queen will that work?

  10. If you get a lot of brilliants im pretty sure you will go higher than 100

  11. Me: Having a bad day
    Hello everyone, welcome to another new video
    Me: Day is good

  12. it might be called triangulation, but it seems like a group theory thing. If the king's movement was limited to 4 moves instead of 8, it wouldn't be possible, but because you can change from a lateral move to a diagonal one, it breaks the sequence. It's one of the most unintuitive things in chess in my eyes

  13. This is just ridiculous lol… I prefer sacrifice puzzles than these 50 king move puzzles tbh

  14. Great. Both players made a brilliant move even though Black's King move wasn't brilliant at all

  15. Zugswang:-) as a German i find that verry funny

  16. it takes 4 braincells to comprehend this chess puzzle, since there are 4 brilliant moves

  17. at 0:36 Rook to D1 wouldnt be mate, can promote pawn to Queen, block rook with check. rook takes queen, King take rook, white is up a bishop in pawn end game

  18. I found h3 before he told it, also i didnt look in the thumbnail. I am proud of myself

  19. Wow that bishop was a goner but the white king put on the running shoes and was like “I got you covered bro” hahahaha nice one as usual my man

  20. I love how Chess.com considers some of these simple and obvious king moves to be brilliant. Hilarious.

  21. When it says 68 comments and you don’t know what to say:
    “I know what I have to do, but I don’t know if I have the strength to do it.”

  22. Imagine if a pawn became what he ate… For example pawn takes queen/knight/bishop=promoted pawn into a queen/knight/bishop
    If a pawn is eaten then he will just be a pawn

  23. Zombie pawns- if a pawns eats a enemy pawn the enemy pawn will remain on that square but it will become the same pawn it was eaten from, maybe this is the same for other pieces (idk for the king lol)

  24. The text to speech said it as sug swang Im dying rn

  25. Actually incredible. Plus it's immune to the 50 move rule because of the mandatory pawn moves.

  26. i would rather be black just because to get a brilliant move

  27. 0:35 stupid this is not a mate becuz he can block with his queen, stupid

  28. Does the 50 move draw rule get broken by pushing pawns? I guess I don't really remember it

  29. i really enjoy the “mate in 382027” puzzles. please make more of those!

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