A Brilliant But Flawed Chess Puzzle

Puzzle FEN:
K7/8/1Pk5/1pp1q3/p1R5/1R6/8/1N6 w – – 0 1

Puzzle Details:
Y. Hoch, 4th Prize
L’Italia Scacchistica, 1978

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  1. 5:02 maybe the rook can pin the queen on 3c and its protected by the knight, thats my guess and i think its a nice move. (correct me if im wrong about anything i didnt watchthe full video yet)

  2. The moment he said queen takes I knew it had to be that. It was weird that black would want to trade Queens there especially when it became a race. Obviously they won't want to perpetual to win so the trade is on the back rank.

  3. Why Rook c3 pinning the queen to king doesn't work??

  4. I have a question why not after queen takes the rock we move the rock to c3 and force black to lose the queen

  5. Bzdura. 5.10 Rouge b3-c3 and white wins

  6. Basically, if you're going to trade queens, trade on your terms, not the enemy's.

  7. more vids like this! I love stockfish. The pursuit of truth!

  8. This could just be a very hard "Black Wins" puzzle then!

  9. Now, it's a brilliant puzzle for black to win.

  10. one problem is you could also pin the queen to the king with the rook after queen takes rook and then you have a position i believe is drawable

  11. Wait:what about rook to c 3 when the queen is gonna take

  12. at 4:58 is there any reason you cant go Rc3 to pin the queen?

  13. Honestly…this seems like a really obvious idea after you understand that it's a race. Why would it take Stockfish to get this.

  14. Please state at start of the video if it's white or black to play so I don't have to go through spoilers to try and do the puzzle.

  15. The composer of this puzzle: Creates this puzzle
    Stockfish be like:

  16. What happens when, after black takes the rook with the queen, the other rook moves to threaten the queen, pinning her between the rook and the king?

  17. I think in 2097 we re gonna see the refutation of the refutation of the refutation from Stockfish 1764 NNUE

  18. if after b4 and you promote to a queen, black has a trick to win (check vertically then horizontally) so the study is flawed, so what if instead you promote to knight (after b4) if that's a draw then there's no flaw (meaning that because promotion to queen gives black a chance to win, it's the wrong move)?

  19. Who would have guess that chess can be this entertaining…

  20. 2,23: Blacks third move. You say there is no way to stop white to get a queen. How about black queen to D5? Why doesn't that work?

  21. Stop saying stockfish is ruining chess. Stockfish's chess engines are the most powerful and they're are fastest

  22. At 6:07 in video black king move left and then white king can’t capture pawn.

  23. 6:36 take the knight king moves to d5 white rook moves to d3 ? How would that play out ?

  24. 5:00 what about rook c3? It skewers the queen and the king and if you take the rook with the queen, then the knight captures the queen

  25. Again Stockfish ruins chess! It can be a win if there is pawn on a-file.

  26. Congratulations sir for 200k 🎉🎉🎉

  27. What if before promoting the pawn, the rook captures a black pawn? Will the white king still be slower?

    Edit: I'm sorry, that's a mate in 3.

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