A Brilliant But Flawed Chess Puzzle

Puzzle FEN:
K7/8/1Pk5/1pp1q3/p1R5/1R6/8/1N6 w – – 0 1

Puzzle Details:
Y. Hoch, 4th Prize
L’Italia Scacchistica, 1978

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  1. Strange: it looks like it should have been discovered sooner 🙂 Once you see the main racing variant Qd8 looks obvious…

  2. Insted of pown push to B7, better move foe white is rook to to C3 pining the quin. Should be a win for white

  3. On 5.02 minute white can skewer queen and king of black

  4. On 5:02 white can skewer king and queen of black with rook and it is protected by knight

  5. Why can't White pin Black's queen with Rc3? Is it a losing endgame after Queen takes Rook, Knight takes Queen, King takes Pawn?

  6. But why make the knight move? Just leave it there and they can't queen until the king gets in range and in the mean time move your king and you wouldn't be a move behind, right? Or do you have to move the Knight for some reason?

  7. Good job Stockfish. 😁👍🏾

    IDK how during the …Qxc5 capture line the composer missed after White queens that Black's queen DOESN'T have to accept the trade of queens along the a-file, she can move to the eighth rank and force White's king to stay on said rank. Now Black has the opposition with the pawns and White can't stop them both in time. That honestly should have been an easy find…but I digress. 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

  8. Edit:putting my last remark up.
    Okay, no, that's : checkmate for blacks if king in b6, my bad.
    I would have done rook b3 taking pawn b5.

    And I think white can even keeps the two rooks that way, while sacrifying the white pawn.
    I would like to understand how white does not win this.

  9. At 5:30, why not pin the queen with the rook and then queen the pawn?

  10. after queen captures rook, can't white play rook to c3 to capture queen back?

  11. I didn't even notice what Stockfish noticed when trying to find the solution to the puzzle. Stockfish is brilliant at finding these hidden ideas inside the puzzle.

  12. You are just showing the top puzzles that were created a while back.
    So what did the "normal" puzzle from that era look like for comparison? That could help explain why some of the puzzles may look flawed when you only look at the top winners. Since they could all just be flawed which left one to take a top spot while the rest were the all flawed in some way.

    Another idea is that puzzles like this could intentionally leave in a sneaky play like this so that the composer could easily call out someone for copying their puzzle idea or explaining this alternative line of thinking about why it is only 99% correct when presenting it.

  13. 15 seconds ago
    Isn’t there another way for black to win at 4:12?
    … Kb4
    Nc6+ Kxa3
    NxQ Kb3
    And the knight won’t stop the black pawn promoting with white’s king too far away?

  14. I loved this puzzle .plus my level is growing up from you and levy (gothem chess).

  15. i actually saw other stuff to make probably a draw earlier if you take with the queen, force with rook the queen? did someone play that out?

  16. That was actually quiet simple even I saw qd8

  17. One opening for the dark fish. Chess isn’t just a game, it’s a torture mechanism.

  18. Kings Indian variation is interesting but question which fianchetto is most effective? Silican Dragon? Pirc Defense main line? Catalan fianchetto? Or standard Kings Indian fianchetto? What is the better fianchetto? What do you think Nelson?

  19. At 4:58 instead of moving the pawn, can't white play rook to c3? Forcing the queen to trade with the rook?

  20. Happy to say I found what Stockfish found, just a simple deflection to gain tempo. But of course, it helped me to know first that:

    (1)He mentioned there's a flaw
    (2)He explained the composer's logic behind the other moves

  21. Tal or other WC could have seen that. Didnt need stockfish

  22. at time 5:01 what if white playes rook to c3 pinning the queen and wining the queen for the rook? feels like win for white

  23. That sounds like the type of thing that could be the intended solution for a other puzzle.

  24. i need more of these "stockfish ruined chess" videos where you find positions that you to be one outcome but turns out to be something else

  25. I wonder how many old puzzles stockfish could destroy if people bothered giving them to it

  26. Strange, i found it by myself when looking at the checks. It's not that hard really to see when to trade queens for a better position.
    Kinda strange Stockfish had to find this because that's not all that hard or complicated.

  27. At 2:23 why can’t black play Qd5 or Qe4? Wouldn’t that pin the pawn?
    And if they move the king, the queen can just pin it in a different way.

  28. Can someone explain why pinning the queen after the first rook sac is a bad move?

  29. You're missing some important words on the screen. "White to play and draw."

  30. At 5mins, once black takes on C5, can't white play Rc3? Or does it end up where the white king is too far away?

  31. I somehow saw the line that stockfish found… I'm a 500 ;-;

  32. Dude stock fish is insane. I remember this one line that stock fish finds and im literally like “oops, my bad stock fish.” It goes 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Nc3 Nc6 4. Bc4 Bc5 5. d3 d6 6. O-O Bg4 7. Nd5 Ne7 8. Nxf6+ gxf6 and then the top stock fish move is KNIGHT TAKES e5. Hanging both the queen and the knight at the same time.

  33. Nowadays, you have to feed a puzzle to Stockfish or another top program before submitting it for publication. If you don't, someone else will and put a bullet through it if there's any flaw.

  34. I didn't see the original idea, but I wondered whether … Qd8 would make White lose a tempo.

  35. But why can't we pin the queen to the king?

  36. Does not seem to take Stockfish to find it, does it?

  37. 7:09 I don't believe it took stockfish to find that move. If nobody found it, that was because nobody spent much time looking. I found it right away, and I'm a below average chess player.

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