99% Players CAN’T Solve This, Can You? | 2 Amazing Chess Puzzles & Problems |Moves, Tactics & Ideas

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In today’s chess video, we’ll look at 2 of the toughest chess puzzles/problems I’ve ever seen. This involves a lot of chess thinking in terms of strategy, tactics, moves & ideas so, 99% chess players can’t solve this. Try solving these chess problems if you are a Genius and if you do manage to find the solutions, let me know in the comments. In the first problem, white can win the game inspite of being down in material & in the second puzzle, white can draw eventhough black is way ahead. Chess Challenge – We’ll be looking at the solutions as well, but you should try it on your own to test your chess skills & talent. These exercises will help beginners to improve & get better at finding the best moves in different positions on the chessboard. I also have an interesting chess puzzle at the end of this video, let’s see if you can solve that.

Video Chapters:
0:00 Puzzle #1: Chess Problems & Solutions
4:10 About BetterHelp
5:18 Puzzle #2: Chess Problems & Solutions
8:49 Chess Puzzle – Can You Solve it?

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  1. The best move for white is Qa8. Now anywhere the Rook or queen moves Nd6 is mate.
    Edit 1: 2. Nc5 is also mate.


  3. we have to sacrifice rook by capturing pawn then only move for king is to take and then we capture queen with knight and its checkmate

  4. Pin me Guruji😎
    Puzzle Answer => 1.Qa8 black has no good move suppose black play Rc1 or any Rook move Nd6 # a beautiful checkmate
    lets see after 1. Qa8 black play any queen move like Qe6, Qf7 or Qg8 then Nc5 checkmate and black queen play any other move then Nd6#
    Perfect Answer is
    1. Qa8 Rc1 2. Nd6#

  5. Please be regular on your channel because I like it very much

  6. Legend is back after checkmating his mental condition

  7. Don't know if it's correct but…
    If Qxc6 then Qxc6#
    And if black play Queen any where else
    Re3++ #

  8. Answer: Qa8 Rc1 , Nd6#
    (Rc1 to uncover a discovered attack on white queen through a pin on the knight )

  9. i have 3 many ways to checkmate the black king

  10. Rook to e3 ,check
    black King to d4, only legal move
    Pawn to b5 is check mate

  11. This puzzle was given to Magnus during CGC championship in video Tania presented this and magnus also took around a min .
    The solution is Qa8 and depending on what black plays Nc5 or Nd6 is mate

  12. Knight f5 & then any move from black Rook e3 checkmate

  13. So many wrong solutions in comments… correct one is Rxf4 Kxf4 Nxd5 checkmate, or if Kd3 then Qd1 checkmate

  14. Love your video's ♥️
    Solutions of the puzzle 👇👈
    First Qa8
    No matter what move white play
    Kc5 or Kd6
    Is a beautiful checkmate.
    Can I get heart ♥️ from CHESS TALK.

  15. Finally I’ve been waiting for this vid for a long time.

  16. To solve the puzzle move the rook to give double attack and the king has only one legal move then will advance the pawn forward by discovered check and th3n its a beautiful cheskmate

  17. R to f4 (taking pawn)
    K to f4 (taking R)
    R to f5 (mate)
    Wrong answer as I missed King to d3 (thanks for pointing out my mistake mehaan ahuja)

  18. "Remember guys, looks for forcing moves" – the lesson

  19. Solution to puzzle:
    Rook to e3, King to d4, pawn to b5 checkmate

  20. pawn to b5+, since the king has no legal moves basically in a box, black would have to move the rook or the queen.
    if Rc4, then Rc3#
    if Qd4, then Re3#, since it is a double check, thus king has no moves.
    if Qc3, then Rc3#, since it is a double check, thus the king has no moves.

  21. Solution for the puzzle
    1: b5 (check)
    He cant move his king to anywhere
    So the only move is 1:Qd4
    2: but by Re3//, it's a mate
    f5 square is controlled by our rook
    e5 and f4: his pawn
    d4: his queen
    And the third rank is controlled by our rook
    He cannot take our rook on e3 with his king bcos our g1 bishop is protecting it
    And he cannot take it with his pawn as the check is not being blocked. Mistakes till here

    Edit: after the black’s move that was revealed to me by Mr Hacker and MD AFRIDI
    I got to think that Qa1 would take control over d4 square and by any move black plays Re3// is checkmate
    e2 Knight is controlling the d5 and f5 squares
    And Queen is controlling d4 square
    Black can’t block the check as it is a double check and the king can’t move anywhere

  22. Do you think he looks like Ashneer grover from shark tank??

  23. In the first puzzle after Qf4 Qg4 you can now play Qf6 and if Qg5 you can now play Qf2 Qg3 you can now play Qxg3#

  24. White Queen to c2 then black king to d4 because can't go anywhere else then white Queen d3

  25. Queen to a3
    If Black rook c3 then simple take with rook checkmate
    If black queen d3 then simply take it with white queen
    🖕🖕this was 2 moves checkmate but if anyone want 1 move checkmate then simple put rook to a3 and its brutal checkmate

  26. I like your vedios but You Should upload Gambit also because we ( viewers ) cannot increase our knowledge from such type Of vedios I mean These puzzle vedios. But these are good for entertainment but I will request U to make some vedios on different Gambits . May U understand so If You Agree with my suggestion then reply to me something.

  27. 1st puzzle better solution –
    White – Qf4 to Qf6 check
    Black has two options – 1. Qg5 or g5

    in both cases queen cannot escape.

    White -Qf2
    Black has only one option – Qg3

    White picks up the queen and BOOM checkmate!

  28. Rxf4 Kxf4
    Edit: Iam the first to solve this puzzle

  29. First puzzle was good example of zugzwang. Zugzwang is easy when you focus properly to reach a position where a side is forced to play a certain move. Also, when a puzzle has long solution, it's always easy cause it involves some pattern. Qe3 was logical for a player like me.
    Second one was easy for human but difficult for computer. One of the famous puzzle composed by William Rudolph (1912), I saw it before on YouTube long time back and since my memory great I knew Ba4+ and the pattern.
    You selected nice ones.
    Over to that I haven't played for long and am going to make comeback on Lichess.

    For puzzle:
    We need to force Black to a zugzwang position where any possible move is a bad move.
    So, not a check move.
    White Bishop is x-raying the Black King. It has to be used but not possible on first move if we are to do mate in 2.
    If the d4 square was occupied, it would be Re3#
    Black has Rook and Queen so how to immobilise them?
    What about Qa8? It pins one piece and forces Black to play something.
    After Qa8,
    If Black plays Qd4 then Re3#
    If any move that takes control away of c5 square, then Nc5#
    If any move that takes control away of d6 square, then Nd6#

  30. Qa8 indirectly pinning the black rook and queen . If black moves Rc4 then Nd6# otherwise Nc5#.

  31. Continue making videos without missing boss

  32. Rook(F3) -> A3 check by White bishop
    Obvious move is Black pawn(F4) -> F3
    White bishop(G2) -> F3 check
    Black King (E4) -> F4
    Rook(H5) -> F5 checkmate

  33. The answer to the puzzel: first b5 its a dicovered check with the queen then black will block with queen or rook then we play r to
    h3 mate####

  34. Did anyone ever notice that the back ground is a green screen?

  35. New answer:
    Knight to f5
    It doesn't matter what Black moves. (black can only move Q or R)
    Rook to e3… mate.

  36. The answer of the puzzle is Qa1,then whatever black plays we have a mate in one. Example:- qd4-ra3#, qd2- qxe5#. It was easy.

  37. My solution for the puzzle :

    (White) Queen c2
    (Black) Queen d3 – Only way to block the check to the King
    (White) CAPTURE QUEEN by Rook d3

    Checkmate !

  38. Sir if I'm right pls like this comment
    No matter what black plays, we'll give a check with either Nc5# or Nd6# according to the position..
    Except Qd4 for which we play Re3#

  39. Move the.rook to C3 that is a checkmate only in 1 move

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