99% Of Chess Players Can’t Solve Those 2 Checkmate In One Puzzle | Can You Do It?

Now, mate in one puzzles are usually pretty simple. Just look at all possible checks right? Think twice and try to solve this chess puzzle. I am sure it would be much harder than it looks.

In this video I would present you 2 mind blowing mate in 1 puzzles that would surely challenge you. No no no, this wouldn’t be one of those “en passant” puzzles so you definetly don’t want to miss this.

00:00 – 03:34 First Puzzle
03:35 – 06:47 Second Puzzle


  1. Did you managed to solve both puzzle?

  2. Wouldn't q to g5 also work in the second puzzle?

  3. Qb5# in the first puzzle. The black bishop on e8 can’t capture it because it’s also pinned.

  4. Qa3# in the second puzzle, I’m assuming.

  5. First puzzle I kept thinking you were going to pull the "aha but its blacks move" trick.

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