99 IQ Chess Player Tries To Solve Beginner Puzzles

I’m playing on Chess.com — these aren’t sponsored videos but the site seems pretty cool.

Chess has been having a resurgence in popularity this year so I have finally acquiesced to semi-popular demand and started to play a bit. First, let’s hone our skills and get a little more warmed up and then let’s conquer chess dot com one board gamer at a time.

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the horse moves like an L


  1. โ€œOne of the reasons I have been hesitant to play more chess in the future…โ€ ๐Ÿค”

  2. I'm sorry but how could he have missed the next move after rook takes f7 and king to g8. He could have simply moved his rook to f2 and then the king would be under check from the bishop and he could simply captured the queen after the king moves. I'm talking about the 24:31 part

  3. This is both humiliating …and encouraging. Am a terrible player, trying to relearn the game. But, I followed along and was about 50/50, including winning a couple that you had "lost". Not at all knocking your effort; instead am just totally stoked I could finally "see" a couple that turned out to be right, lol. I call that progress! This was fun!

  4. you do realize that 99 IQ is just pretty much average right?

  5. OMG I had the same puzzle from 15:05 once and I made the exact same mistake.. unbelievable ๐Ÿ˜‚

  6. Lmao moving the pawn up instead of taking the queen

  7. some problems are not finding checkmate, but win a piece

  8. 25:33 I was yelling at my screen that he was missing rook takes g2 mate in 1!!!

  9. In the third puzzle why can`t black move king to h7 to escape check?

  10. Typically a lot of these puzzles are forks, basic checkmates and weak backranks

  11. The little sarcastic stab in the title at the youtube meta with the 'IQ player' was neat

  12. 1:52 If you read this comment could you please explain to me as simply as possible why is it check mate? I dont understand ๐Ÿ™

  13. For 99 IQ, itโ€™s pretty smart to say your IQ is 99 in a title while solving chess puzzles for beginners.

  14. Unless I am losing my mind (which is entirely possible) the third puzzle at 1:43 is complete nonsense. Not only was it not a mate, but there isn't even one available. The black King can escape to h7, or the Knight on f6 could intervene on e8, delaying the attack. No mate in two there as far as I can see!

  15. Does he know 99iq is below avarage or is it supposed to be like that

  16. why did he add 99iq? is he trying to show how dumb he is? or does he think that 99 is high

  17. ืจื™ื™ ื‘ืŸ ื“ื•ืจ says:

    99 IQ is good right?

  18. fun to see someone closer to my rating doing puzzles ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. wow wtf we both didnt see rook takes queen xD lmao hes not the only stupid one

  20. 10:08 is the correct play to check with the queen, take the bishop with the queen, then take the knight with the bishop?

  21. 2:43 can someone explain how this is a checkmate. Can't the King go to the square below?

  22. Dude that final puzzle you lost on was SO EASY! I don't even play chess, and most of these I would not have gotten, but that one was just so obvious!

  23. This was much fun to watch. Pleasant torture. I'm like screaming at the monitor noooooo

    Thanks for the video

  24. Do you have to pay to use the things he plays on this site?

  25. Am I the only one thatโ€™s confused as to how the third puzzle is mate?

  26. 1:52 1. Rxd8+ is NOT checkmate! 1. … Kh7 2. Qd3+ forces Queen exchange and leaves White with a won endgame.

  27. at 24:20 couldnโ€™t he just move the black bishop to take the pawn at c2 and mate in one move?

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