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Puzzle FEN:
R5R1/p7/p5K1/8/1k6/8/p7/8 w – – 0 1

Puzzle Details:
Y. Hoch (i.78)
3 Comm., L’ltalia Scacchistica, 1978

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  1. You should have also talked about how white had to force the king to the F file specifically. Had white moved the rook to the first rank while the black king was on the E file, the king would have been in time to defend the pawn before the second rook could attack it.

  2. Why don't I caculate these puzzles to the very end?? I am so frustrated with myself sometimes. There should be no need to pause and look again after another move is played! I mean, this one is not that difficult; I have solved much harder puzzles than this one, but I guees sometimes you get lazy or you assume that it is too difficult since some other puzzles on the channel here have turned out to be too hard for me. Still annoyed at myslef for not taking my time for this one, because this is definitely solvable in perhaps ten minutes or so.

  3. Why black must go to the 2nd file? Can it just go to the f4 instead of f2 (or f3) ftom e2?

  4. 1% chance? Why am I only an 800?! 🤦‍♂️

  5. When all else fails, sacrifice your rook.

  6. Я так понимаю, что короля на H убрать, а потом с Rb2 и линейный мат ставить.

  7. 2:00 You shouldn't have to continue the game to the point where yu actually put the king in checkmate. Once the queen is captured, the game is over ans any competent player knows it and resigns.

  8. Absolutely DELICIOUS! Very unusually I was able to anticipate the moves… for the first 2 minutes of the Video! From there on, I was driven for a delicious – that is the word, taken by the hand – for a DELICIOUS Ride through the World of Chess. Thank you for all your Chess Videos!

  9. Found Re1; pretty common motif in puzzles.

  10. Amazed they let you get away with this "White Wins !" business. Black Wins Matter !

  11. I looked for a bit at Re5 (instead of Re1) with the idea of building up a ladder: e.g., a1(Q), Rf8+ Kg[any] Rg5+ Kh[any], and my idea was Rh8?? however, that just fails to Qxh8. White can try some checks along the f file, and then eventually give up (when black plays to h1) and play Rf7 threatening mate at h7, but black should be able to check often enough with the queen to hold the draw.

  12. I did solve it but it took a while. At first I forgot the old "always check the king" strategy. Then there is always the second rule: These puzzles usually have a sacrifice. Lol.

  13. And then he sacrifices THE ROOOOOOOOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Why wait until king is on f? Wouldn't it work moving rook to d1 while king is on e2?

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