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Puzzle FEN:
R5R1/p7/p5K1/8/1k6/8/p7/8 w – – 0 1

Puzzle Details:
Y. Hoch (i.78)
3 Comm., L’ltalia Scacchistica, 1978

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  1. does not work if they keep their king in the 3rd row when moving otwards the right side of the board

  2. Took me 5 seconds to see all black pawns stuck by the second white tower, so black has free to move just the king and the white have a tower and the king. In absolute all manuals, you learn that a tower and a king win all the time, does no matter how many moves, is inevitable. So, what we are talking about?

  3. I got the e1 sac and afterwards, but not the obvious play if the King went to the a file LOL

  4. All this time I thought my brain was a Pentium Quad Core. Turns out it's just a Celeron from the early 90s.

  5. Honestly, I've been in that position a few of times and always ended it in a draw.

  6. I'd bet that the 3 pawns positioned on the A file like that in an end game like that has NEVER happened. The strategies around promotion and skewers was very interesting though.
    If you take the two pawns and the second rook out of the puzzle, would the same skewer snatch a win?

  7. King to c file opens up rook to take first of two pawns, them getting queen doesn't really help as you can lock them into check over and over until you force the queen to block and take it, or setup the fork.

  8. What a great beauty of chess,no doubt cricket is king of game but chess is king's game

  9. You blacks or whites? That's the first question.
    If you are blacks, once you move that peon to the edge, you can choose your piece, which queen is the most popular, dividing thr board into 2 from the queen starting position. Now looking at how you would normally play chess, i guess you are whites.
    Depends on the black moves, if the queen doesnt move but the other peons do, you have to target the peons, while checking the black king so your rooks or towers dont fall, thus you can win. Black has advantage in numbers, still its bad numbers.

  10. I wouldn’t even know to sacrifice my rook for a skewer later on lol

  11. I found the first bit of the puzzle solution but couldn't figure out what to do if the black king would hide behind the white king. Upon further study after watching the solution, I noticed how it's important to sacrifice your rook on E1 specifically. Saccing it on D1 wouldn't work, because the king would be able to get back in time to defend its pawn. Saccing it on F1 would mean the king would be able to defend the key square H1 in time, preventing the skewer. Fun puzzle!

  12. 4:06 + — why does the king need to move toward the 1st row? If they stay in the middle of the board there's no skewer on the 1st rank!

  13. I really like your puzzle videos. You always pick fun ones!

  14. I have better way. Minute 6:36 move rook to e5 instead of sacrificing. Now u can ladder check mate no matter what.

  15. I have like 300 Rating and Go this within a des seconds

  16. This is actually genius. It's just a shame that I have trouble visualizing the board after any x+1 moves, it made it too difficult for me to work out this puzzle

  17. 1000 Blitz/900 Rapid trying to solve here!

    I'm paused at 0:31. I see this: Rxh7 h1=Q Rg8+ Kf5 Rf7+ Ke6 and beyond that I see no checks.

  18. It is worth to consider why instead of Re1 making move Re5 loses on the spot 🙂

  19. I've actually figured this out by thinking to always give checks to force the the enemy to just move his king then I realized what more I can do after that. I am suprised I actually got that although the thumbnail says it's only 1%. Grandmasters, I am coming for you.

  20. If black sees that coming can't they just stay away from the back file?

  21. Love this! Had the first half tactic figured out, but not the second half.

    Also worth pointing out that the f8 check doesn't work with the same tactic because the king from f1 can reach h1 in two moves, preventing rh8->rh1.

  22. Found the moves, was far from really hard

  23. Why can’t you just take the first pawn and let them get the queen right away, you take the first pawn and they can’t put you in any check or they would be taken out by 2 rooks

  24. "If you had a chance to look at that" Counter: 5

  25. If I did not screw it up, you can count me in the 1% ☺️

    1 Rg-b8 +
    If the black king goes to the a column, then Rxa7, Ka5, then Rxa6+, then Ra8+ and Rxa1 wins
    The king has to go towards the right side of the board and down the board in order to stop the rook from reaching the first line :
    … Kc3
    Rc8+, Kd2
    ( if Kb2, Ra-b8 and Rc1 on next move wins)
    Rd8+, Ke2 ( if Kc2, Ra-c8+, then Rd1)
    Re8+, Kf2
    Re1 !! (Forcing the black King in the first rank !)
    Rh8 !! Wins the game because the rook reaches the first rank or the second rank
    If a1 = queen, Rh1+ and Rxa1

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