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Puzzle FEN:
R5R1/p7/p5K1/8/1k6/8/p7/8 w – – 0 1

Puzzle Details:
Y. Hoch (i.78)
3 Comm., L’ltalia Scacchistica, 1978

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  1. Not only this puzzle is wonderful but useful too

  2. I shouldn't let my brain bubbling with that kind of stuff… it's painful… 😉

  3. It’s worth noting that only that square works; if it’s on d1, black can take and head for the pawn; if it’s on f1, black can head for the h-file

  4. I got every move except the rook sac. I was looking at ways to take the pawn and use the 2 rooks together to mate the king, saw it wouldn't work and was stumped…

  5. i normally only show my friends at the bar or the library my chess moves…

  6. Could someone explain to me why at 5:20 rook to e5 wouldn't be the easier move to find that check mates them by continuing the ladder afterwards

  7. Oh that is a nice one, Re1 is a nice move and easy to see bcuz of puzzle ideas and It is mind-boggling, prob stockfis gavee It just a best move bcuz stockfish is weird (underpromotion leading to mate = only best move and taking a pawn and putting a discovered attack on a defended pawn is better (great move) on 1.e4 e5. 2. d4 d5 3.dxe5)

  8. No hablo ni escucho Inglés….aún así pude resolver el problema en mi tablero y luego comprobar mi solución con el video

  9. Usefull. There is no puzzle. Sacrifice rook and what else. IS that for under 800 elo' player?

  10. Two rooks on an open board are very powerful.


  11. This shows the deeper level of thinking that a GM has, say. When Magnus looks at the board, he sees more hidden cause & effect relations.

  12. I think R – e5 (instead of e1) will win as well

  13. Instead to Re1, Re5 also wins, simply lader mate (Rf8,Rg5,Rh8#) if a1=Q, and if King to the g file, then Re1 easy win.

  14. Why did you use such a false thumbnail? The odds of my solving this is 100%….AFTER watching your video! 😂

  15. Well, the next/first time I ever see three pawns lined up in the same file, I'll be sure to use this one.

    (Seriously though, how rare is that formation lol)

  16. I mean, all of those moves just looked obvious to me and I was thinking 'what am I missing for this amazing move'… ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  17. 4:34 Rook to E5 looks interesting as you can force the king into the H file, but then you can't deliver the coup de grace because the promoted Queen on A1 prevents it. Happy to say I saw the first part, but the last part with the rooks I was way off.

  18. I'm elo 2300, this problem is very easy 😊 maybe for 1600elo players it's hard to see

  19. With a title and thumbnail like that, I'm surprised I didn't guess that this was going to be the easiest puzzle I've ever seen. I never get chess puzzles but this one is very forced.

  20. after watch this video, i notice that i am still stupid

  21. AH I knew the skewer was the key! But I was hoping that Rxa2+ Ka*; then skewer the king through the pawn which could work if not Ka5.

    Nice problem and nice channel 🙂

  22. This chess board UI Interface is very good, but unfortunately, it's not available on google play store !

  23. You didn't analyze if king moved upward
    If it did you would just go to the 1st rank but it was still missing from the explanation

  24. all nice and good but to even get close to having 3 pawns in that position is nearly impossible

  25. What is the chance that black can win at all?

  26. Rook endgame is tricky. This is absolutely true and fascinating!

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