99% Chance You Will Enjoy This Puzzle

Puzzle FEN:
R5R1/p7/p5K1/8/1k6/8/p7/8 w – – 0 1

Puzzle Details:
Y. Hoch (i.78)
3 Comm., L’ltalia Scacchistica, 1978

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  1. What if the king chooses to stay higher than 2nd rank?

  2. Damn. Why do I always look at the wrong direction…despite I already know black goes down the idea of pawn takes b8 fooled me.

  3. Title: 99% chance you'll enjoy the puzzle
    Thumbnail: 1% chance you can solve this…

    not-so-bright implication of Chess experience

  4. That was incredible and honestly 100% i didn't find it…amazing.

  5. 1% chance to solve the puzzle? You definitely featured harder ones on the channel, should have used that thumbnail on one of those, imo.

  6. Bro these puzzles are exactly the same as mine i feel like im getting watched wtf

  7. After Rf8+ Kg2 it also seems that white wins easily: Rf6 (or Rf5) a1Q Rg8 with the threat Kh7+ and Rh6# so black has to sac his Queen.

  8. No puedo creer que yo si lo resolví rápido xD

  9. I found the first move this puzzle was mind boggling

  10. 4:22 I guess I see the idea and the reason why we needed go exactly here in order this idea to work.
    We go Re1 and if black takes we have Rh8 which would be a skewer on the next move if black gets a queen or move his king on the second rank. 5. Re1 Kxe1 6. Rh8 a1=Q 7. Rh1+ or 6. … Kd2 Rh2+.

    It is fascinating that if we went for this trick earlier black's king would be close enough to defend the pawn and the best we can do is throw perpetual checks and get a draw. At the same time if we threw another check on f8 and tried the same thing then black's king is close enough to the h file to stop our rook from getting to h1 or h2.
    4. … Kf2 5. Rf1+ Kg2 6. Rf1 Kxf1 7. Rh8 Kg2 and white can resign. White probably still can get a draw after 5. Rf1+ because two rooks should be enough to capture the rest of the pawns and protect the king but it would be a missed win.

  11. I solved everything on my own until the rook sacrifice

  12. I like the puzzle, but can you please tone it down with the clickbaits?

  13. But at the end what if the king just moves back where it was after eating the rook? the tempo allows him to

  14. Skewer the royal couple as one chesstuber i know likes to say

  15. The whole thing hinged on the threat of a skewer. Fabulous ending.

  16. What of black dont take the rock or just goes up instead of staying on the lower lines ( after the first check)

  17. Your puzzles and explanations are marvelous

  18. what's stopping a tie between b and c checks?

  19. Y does the king only move on the 2 line though. Cant he just go 3line?

  20. this aint that hard i saw the main idea and everything else cuz idk

  21. Got it! I've learned a lot by looking at your channel.
    The king castles, moving up to G7, as the rook moves down to G5.

  22. Triple pawns in the a file this is not a chess game

  23. What happens if black queen keeps moving across on 3 and 4 row instead of moving down to 2nd? They can get behind the white queen?

  24. This might be the easiest puzzle you've put on your channel lol, still fun tho

  25. I didn't think this was possible to win… Nelson made my jaw drop as always!

  26. What do you call this? You use the checks to reposition your rooks, gaining 'free' moves in this position.

  27. Finally a puzzle I solved 😅
    Thanks for the illusion of being in the 1% ahahahah

    … On a serious note what is the definition of "solving the puzzle"? Seeing all the ramifications and how many steps before going to checkmate? Or seeing all the direction it could take?

  28. I didn't see roook G8, but I did see rook E1! that made me happy.

  29. I cant believe i mentally solved all of that except the first rank lure idea in like 5 mins, to be clear i had the idea of checking the king to the point of the lure but didnt figure the lure out

  30. 1% chance you can solve this. Considering that there are 21 legal moves, I know a strategy to almost quintuple my chances of finding that first move…

  31. White must play carefully to win. If 7. Rh1+??, Black can draw. 1. Rgb8+ Kc3 2. Rc8+ Kd2 3. Rd8+ Ke2 4. Re8+ Kf2 5. Re1 Kxe1 6. Rh8 a5! 7. Rh1+?? Kd2 8. Ra1 Kc3 9. Rxa2 Kb4

  32. Like almost every game, white is the one that wins.

  33. btw at 2:09 white can't take on a7 trying to ladder mate because the black king runs all the way to the g file to find safety behind the opposing king

  34. First one of your harder puzzles that I saw all the moves. Super fun!

  35. First time I’ve truly been astonished at a chess puzzle (Probably because I’m finally okay enough to appreciate it lol)

  36. I found the move in like 7 seconds and I’m only around 1100 rating. This is too easy not 1% chance

  37. play against martin but when you Develop a piece you can only use that piece until it's captured. This rule does not apply to pawns and when you using a piece and you used the piece and got a queen then you can use it if only it is the piece you were using.

  38. I enjoyed 99% of this puzzle. The remaining 1% was spent trying to unboggle my mind.

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