8 Truly Remarkable Chess Puzzles

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  1. with puzzle 4, after the bishop is double pinned can't you just play Bc6+, winning the queen?

  2. In puzzle 3, after Rb6 I get the sequence shown but seemed odd not to mention that black could just take it with their pawn on a7. Isn't that also winning? (the knight can't stop the pawns on its own)

  3. On puzzle 3, why not just take the rook once it takes the bishop?

  4. "This one's kinda long, so I'm not gonna let you pause." Pauses anyways

  5. Honestly in the 3rd puzzle at 8:15 white could win with rook to b 5 as it still defends the knight and there is no way to attack the rook

  6. Those are some great puzzles. I'll say though, I definitely prefer the more natural puzzles. When they're clearly crafted for effect, it just doesn't have the same impact for me.

  7. This are honestly plays you might never do, BUT they teach you how to think outside the box to win

  8. At 6:15 the reasonable move would be for black to take the rook, not the knight. Superior numbers and an ability to cripple the enemy's superior mobility will likely win the game.

  9. puzzle 3: what if I go E5 with the knight after they go to a5 with the pawn

  10. ΞœΞΏΟ…Ο‡Ξ±ΟΞ­ΞΌ Ιντ΢έ says:

    Puzzle 1 is magic 🀩

  11. In puzzle 2 is knight b3 not just mate in one?

  12. On the last puzzle I started grinning after the double pawns realizing what was about to happen

  13. I normally don't care for puzzles but these are all works of art!

  14. Puzzle 4 bishop c6 is good because of check and then queen capture queen

  15. Me who knows they won’t solve any puzzles but watches anyways

  16. why not take the rook early on in puzzle three?

  17. 17:08
    Chess vibes: you have (k)nights on the board
    Me: Five (k)nights at freddys!
    Sorry for the horrible joke

  18. Hey Nelson! These are my favorite of your videos. I know it's a little more work but could you post pgns for puzzle videos like this in the future in the description? I'm just not good enough at visuslization for some of the harder moves and remaking the position is a chore especially when there are 8 of them! Thanks so much and keep making puzzle/endgame study videos!

  19. Position 2 is from the post-mortem analysis of a blitz game between Koskinen (which is a common Finnish name, not to be confused with the chess player Henri Koskinen in the databases, who was born in 1964 – so likely the first name Henri is wrong in my sources) and Juha Kasanen, Helsinki 1967.

  20. in puzzle 2 what if you don't take the rook?

  21. The last one was so much better than checkmate in one lol

  22. the 5 knights puzzle is just a normal saturday afternoon for hikaru

  23. That last one would just be a cruel way to end the game.

  24. You pick beautiful studies and assignments, really! If I may advise, please add the author in each assignment each time. The retrograde problems are also beautiful, for example by the German mathematician and teacher Werner Keim. But some are very, very difficult to solve. They require a high IQ and especially patience. I believe they are harder logic problems than Einstein himself invented!

  25. Im a 600 and i got the unstoppable double 100% WHAT IM JUST 600
    Edit: double screwer or X and in the puzzle 6 uh i got that position but i lost my chance but got a win anyways puzzle 7 its a knight mate lol PUZZLE 8 IS SO COOL get traped my comments are cringe also puzzle 8 has a pawn move just to win can you find it?

  26. 8 is too many for 1 video. 3 or maximum 5 is better imo

  27. 2nd puzzle. What if the rook is not captured and white plays a defensive move instead

  28. Puzzle 6 was a real Check Republic. πŸ™ƒ

  29. Why can the e5 pawn just go to the e6 position to take the night when he goes there

  30. The puzzles from you are my favorite I have missed them.

  31. Your pick of studies and compositions are amazing.

    Though that line of "Want to be 1500+ to read this book" made me go. "Welp never getting that book then."

  32. solving the thumbnail: pawn promotes, any move, pawn over there checkmate

  33. That was a gorgeous smothered checkmate (#8). 🀣🀣

  34. checkmate with a gazillion knights was a fun one to watch

  35. Puzzle 7 is 5 Knights at Freddy's

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