8 Truly Remarkable Chess Puzzles

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  1. 18:55 I would have lost the last one with the final move Nd6 instead of Ng5 smh

  2. Liked because I was convinced that the thumbnail was clickbait but it actually wasn't

  3. The last one is a piece of art. Literally put the black king in a cage.

  4. Puzzle 3 around 6:25
    What about… just taking the rook with the a7 pawn? The knight isn't in a position to capture yet, and if it moves to d4, the c5 pawn is guarded by the b6 pawn, c3 pawn isn't in danger, and the 3 pawns can easily push through a knight.

  5. Puzzle 7 minute 16:05
    The black king can just take the knight, it doesn't matter that he is in check

  6. Puzzle 3 y can’t u just take the rook with the a7 pawn after the rook has taken the bishop

  7. Not worth your time, the choices start so badly that it is hard to make it through two minutes of this.
    He picked a puzzle that blocked all moves just to waste your time and bend your ear. Do not bother with this.

  8. In puzzle 3 are you sure that's winning for black? Sure black gets the queen but white may be able to keep the knight and the rook, a queen vs a rook and knight, I'm not sure white can't pull off a draw.

  9. Okay, please help me put there what I am overlooking.

    In puzzle 3:
    After the rook took the bishop. Why can't the a pawn not just capture it right away?
    After pawn a x b6 there would still be knight d3 for white, which you combat with pawn c2 and when the knight moves anywhere you queen and if it doesn't move you play pawn c5 to c4 forcing it to move.

    Capturing the rook right away seems much more natural to me instead of going pawn c5 c4 first.

  10. 8 of the greatest puzzles ever seen, hands down

  11. Puzzle 1 is easy. Promote to Knight and use smothered mate.

    Puzzle 2 is obvious. You’ve already told the answer even before telling us to find the winning move while pausing the video.

  12. The one with the rook, knight, and two pawns.

    At one point, the rook placed itself in a position to be taken by the pawn on far right, before the pawn moved. Why didn’t the pawn take????

  13. Puzzle 3 doesn't work because knight to c4 taking the pawn allowing the rook to stop the last pushing pawn.

  14. Sometimes it's good to click on clickbait.

  15. In the puzzle 3 you fogot to mention that after a5 white can play Nd3 and the winning move for black not taking the rook, but the knight with cxd3 and the two connected passed pawns are to strong.

  16. If someone found that last challenge in an actual game and went for the BM smothered mate, I'd quit LMAO

  17. ~13:57 for added hilarity mute this video and play the benny hill theme

  18. Really nice puzzles, also well explained. But i cant really figure the problem out on my own, if you spoil whats going on on the bottom right 🙁

  19. In the 3rd position, why couldn't black take the rook at g3 with his pawn at h2?

  20. Puzzle 2.

    1) … axb5+ 2) Bxb5 Qxb5#

    Isn’t that an easier method than giving your rook?

  21. Puzzle #8 is very beautiful but the start position seems IMPOSSIBLE to realize from a normal chess game.

  22. 8:31 what if rook goes to c4 and take the pawn while knight goes to d3 and then you just move the pawn or something, wouldn’t that stop them from getting a queen?

  23. the first one was boring. just kniht promotion, there is no check and then mate

  24. 18:45 The first move I looked at was Nd4 before noticing that bishop. For just a moment, imagine coming up with that sequence of moves only to play freaking Nd4. That's the stuff of (k)nightmares. Lmao

  25. I don’t get puzzle 3 when rook takes bishop why not just take the rook with the black pawn?

  26. Question pls: in puzzle 2, what happens if white just ignore the rook and plays Queen takes Knight e3 instead?

  27. 5:35 I saw this move quite easily, stockfish however, didn't sea how good it was until a bit later.

  28. Promote the pawn to horse then place it to f 8

  29. The last one is the epitome of “if you see a checkmate, look for a better one.”

  30. "How do people come up with this?" – i think the answer is they start from the end move+ condition. E.g. what's the MOST number of knights I can have to securely checkmate the king? then they study every move backwards to find the most beautiful one. Later add pieces which look like they do something but in reality they do not and voilá… easier said than done lol

  31. The first one was easy to find, as black's king is trapped in the corner by his own troops and that suggested a smothered mate.

    The second one is absolutely mind-boggling. What a wonderful tactical sacrifice

    The third is an immortal endgame position, it stunned me the first time I saw it as well

  32. in puzzle two here Nc2 check mate why u didnt play it

  33. why didnt you just take the rook with your pawn?

  34. Push the left arrow key rapidly while playing at the beginning of this video. Also great chess channel!

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