8 Truly Remarkable Chess Puzzles

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  1. Only think missing at the last puzzle to be the greatest of all time is to get a bishop indstead of a queen

  2. Haven't read the play like a grandmaster book, but I have read the cry like a grandmaster book 😀

  3. on the skewer one black coulda blocked it with his knight

  4. Isnt imidietly Nc2 checkmate lmao, no need for the queen sack

  5. 6:28 b7-b6 is quite a dumb move… You lose your rook for bishop for no reason at all… Why not knight b2-d3??

  6. Imagine a chessmaster so evil that he not only wins every game, but he uses the most humiliating methods even when he could mate fast. In his wake lie thousands of traumatized players 🤣

  7. In #2 I'd be interested in the scenario the rook d2 is ignored for bishop to then take the a5 pawn. It seems a bad move at first but makes the king just a tiny bit more defensible…. though that may still be a loss given a few more turns.

  8. 11:16 wait a minute, couldn’t you have gone bishop to c6 discovered check for black and win the queen

  9. in pouzzle 6, could you not just make the second move a knight to f3? not as fun though

  10. in the third puzzle as whte I don't know if it would win the game but I would go rook d7 he can threaten all he wants with the second pawn but if he takes the knight i am alredy in the last line in the next turn and he dosn't have suport and the bishop can't help soon enough and that second pawn can't reach

  11. Can someone please explain to me why a5 pawn capture b4 isn't a solution to puzzle 2? Bishop capture is the only way out of check, then black can move queen to d3 for mate, right? Am I blind and missing some reason this isn't mate in 2?

  12. For puzzle 2 is knight c 2 also mate im too lazy to check

  13. Position #3 is Ortueta-Sanz, Madrid 1933 (31…Rxb2 32. Nxb2 c3 33. Rxb6 c4 34. Rb4 a5 35. Nxc4 c2 and White resigned).

  14. I'm your big fan a heart 💖 from India 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  15. In puzzle 3 why doesn’t white play RC6 instead of RB4

  16. 3:20 can’t you move knight to c2?

    The paw protects one square. Moving the knight targets the queen and the bishop protects a square.

    Idk if I am correct

  17. Counterplay idea for black in position 4 (note: it may be just a slight hope in hell due to the trashy position for black but with the right counterplay there’s a chance that black can win)

    So I’ll go from the start of the puzzle:
    1. c6, kb8
    2. kd8/kd7, b2
    3. c7+, ka7 (this move is critical as it let’s black promote on the next move giving him a small chance to use some counterplay or causing problems for white as one opening and black brings their queen into the game)
    4. c8=Q (idk, what else would he play), b8=Q

    And bam both have queens, white can probably force a the mate mentioned above with continuous checks but it does better the position for black if it’s even the slightest bit.

  18. The first one is crap. Once you promote to a knight the bpe4 will move to e5 the knight has to take that pawn bc if he doesn't the when he shoots for checkmate the pawn can just take him out. But if he takes the pawn then you can waste a move to free up you're bishop to move the king tlby the time the knight comes back for the check

  19. in a otb game the last puzzles would be such a flex

  20. At 6:12 when rook took the bishop, why don't we just take it with the pawn?

  21. 13:49 What about pawn g5 check, if the pawn or bishop takes knight g4 check and king moves back and then rook h3 checkmate.. am I missing smth? (only exception if knight or rook takes the g5 pawn… hmm ok I got it..)


  23. In position 1, what’s stopping black from doing pawn to e6

  24. 3:19 puzzle #2
    Why Kc2 is not a Kc2# 0-1?? What am I missing ?
    (I see now – rook is guarding the 2)

  25. at 6:06 the pawn on a7 can simply take the rook r u mad bro did you forgot how to play chess

  26. On the first puzzle can’t black just do pawn to e6?

  27. For the thumbnail I figured out that white pawn promote to knight then that knight goes f3 for checkmate because it would take most 2 moves for black to put white in check. This is assuming it is whites move. If it was blacks move then it would be mate in 3 for white instead of 2.

  28. Hey on puzzle 3…
    Why dont you just take the rook?

  29. 18:43 it was enough for the queen to look at E6 and it would have been checkmate as well

  30. I dont play chess, but I believe #1 white pawn becomes a knight, irrelevant which move black makes, then white knight mates the king.

  31. On puzzle 3, why doesn't black just TAKE THE ROOK WITH THE PAWN?

  32. On #4 black can move bishop to check white and win the white Queen then have the advantage

  33. I want just say something why don't in puzzle 2 black horse move c2?

  34. For number 2 why can the black knight go to c2 and mate

  35. About preview:
    1st step – pawn choose to become a horse
    2nd step – white wins, black can't do anything to prevent it.
    I was thinking about 30 seconds.

  36. For puzzle 2 just do knight C2 checkmate

    Edit: Sorry, just saw the rook on H2.

  37. In puzzle 6, after moving rook to h3 isn't knight to f3 mate?

  38. A couple thoughts on puzzle #4 10:40:
    1. Queen/Bishop vs. Queen/Pawn doesn't necessarily seem easy to play. I'm sure it's winning, but I wouldn't feel able to relax if I was playing white here.
    2. It should be equally possible to win the bishop through the less flashy Qd8, Qe7 forking the king and bishop, no?

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