6 Known Puzzles That Activate Hidden Brain cells!

6 Known Puzzles That Activate Hidden Brain cells!

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  1. the 4th puzzle answer is C8=Q, A1=Q, Qb8+, Ka6, Qa8+, Kb6, Kxa1. wining the queen

  2. About the ending at 4:18 you just queen and then check then the black king will automatically let you take his queen with a easy skewer.

  3. I'm proud of myself that I'm the first commentor today😅

  4. as a pigeon, i can confirm that i was challenged to play a game of chess.

    from when i loaded this video which was 9 minutes after this video was released.

  6. Bro these videos are so good i hope you get more subscribers and also love your videos

  7. What happen if black pushes the pawn in rhe column h after b4?

  8. This is the best chess channel so far….thanks master

  9. Pigeon challenged already… I will test these tricks you've shown in puzzles, against them, lets see how they will react hehehe

  10. i like how you are only chess youtuber who shows endgames i lost bcs of end game so much but now i hope i can win or draw with your videos

  11. Racist never want to win with black is it

  12. I can’t cure the chess addiction help me pla

  13. Second puzzle I think you can play
    1. h7 a4
    2.e3 a3
    3.e4 a2
    4. e5 a1 stalemate( if black queens)
    Otherwise he can make rook and win

  14. No its how can black escape checkmate also its sacking the queen with check then the queen takes stalemate

  15. 4:20 c8 promote to a queen
    a1 promote to a queen
    Qb8+ King must go to the 8th rank and? I let you find the winning move for white

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