6 EPIC Chess Puzzles All Chess Players Must Know

6 Chess Puzzles All Chess Players Must Know


  1. I’m Chesscape videos, all I here is king here

  2. These puzzles just blew my mind,though I cannot use it in an actual match 😅😅

  3. On the rook endgame after King a2 promote to the rook because if queen rook c
    Black has perpetual queen but if u promote to the roo

  4. Nvm it’s c1 knight cuz if they try to check we block and we up a piece so we win

  5. Thanks for this trick. I learned a lot from them❤❤❤. Please make more videos❤❤❤

  6. 2:44 Black can promote now, it is a draw4:42 I prefer Rb8 sacrifice, you deflect the rook from the promotion file.

  7. I dont think these are beginners. These are Master's pizzles!

  8. Thank you for these puzzles, please make more I really learn alot from you ❤

  9. heres a nice chess puzzle lol:
    r4k2/5p1p/6p1/q1nPpb2/1pP3P1/1P6/p4PP1/R2QKB1R b KQ – 0 26

  10. Since I started watching this dude. I’ve improved my chess

  11. I was 860 elo but my elo has dropped down to 690 so can u pls help me?

  12. "How do you checkmate in 2 moves?" Everytime laugh and your voice 😎😎😎

  13. This should be called 6 ways to beat your grandpa at chess💀

  14. Him: "Beginner Tips everyone must know"
    Also him: "CHECKMATE IN 18 MOVES!!!"

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