5 Epic Single Bishop Mate Chess Problems

This kind of stuff makes chess beautiful! Follow along and try to solve these 5 incredible chess puzzles involving the single bishop mate.

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  1. Position 3 black can also do rook b8 than b7 to block check but next turn check mate

  2. 1st one was fun i was able to solve it but it took like 20 sec

  3. I truly enjoy the puzzles, plus your delivery in presenting the moves is brilliant!

  4. That last position, can Black escape by playing Qg1+ ? After Kxg1 Black can play g4 and Bd8 is no longer mate: Black can play Kg3 and get a perpetual check from White or escape. (I see earlier comments have pointed out this move but no one has actually resolved it.)

  5. I figured out position4 and 5 I'm making progress

  6. Bad owai, in position 3 you can see that 5 of black's pawon it's somthing (probobly)

  7. The first one happened to me @900 and it was amazing! Only difference is I had a Knight and a pawn guarding the 5th

  8. Sorry to say this but in the fourth position their is a flaw because at some point in the puzzle the black king is on g8 the white king is on d5 the white pawn is on g7 the white bishop is on h6 the black pawn on h7 and the other pawn is on e7 they could push the e pawn to e6 and draw the game

  9. Position 5 black goes Qg1 sacrifices queen and survives

  10. 12:07 queen to g1.. why is that not good? sure, the king takes but then he is no longer defending g3, so black can do move the pawn from g5 to g4 and if then the bishop tries d8, we have king g3 and the king escapes. Looks like pretty much a draw to me.

  11. hm.. 2:27 .. nice, but I believe, queen to d4 would also work, right?

    If king g8, then queen d8 and after king goes back to f8 checkmate. If instead the queen goes to e5, it simply gets captured and then the king has to move to backrank, then queen to b8 and finally f8. If the queen intersects at f6, then it gets captured by the bishop and after king to any backrank, the queen mates with d8.

    If at any time the king goes to h6, then its the bishop to f8 (or g7) and its mate too.

  12. 14:07 How about Q G1 check- King takes queen- then Pawn to G4- Bishop D8 check- King G3 – Bishop C7 check- King H4-Bishop D8 check – ad infinitum- white must keep checking or black king will escape to a white diagonal then it's 3 black pawns against a bishop and 1 pawn.

  13. He only looks at the diagonal line and don't see the vertical at the last puzzle

  14. What about knight d3 in last puzzle🤔

  15. In the last game after queen takes the knight black could play queen to g1 forcing kxq. Black can then play p-g4 giving the king an escape route. Will still be a white victory but gets out of the immediate problem.

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