5 Epic Single Bishop Mate Chess Problems

This kind of stuff makes chess beautiful! Follow along and try to solve these 5 incredible chess puzzles involving the single bishop mate.

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  1. position 5: Q to G1 check? white king has to capture and pawn from G5 can move?

  2. 11:05 You forgot to explain the outcome when Black would play Pawn g5 to g4 instead of capturing the Knight with the Queen.

  3. A puzzle from the Russian '64' magazine which is similar in vein to Troitzky's:1Bk5/p2pK3/8/8/8/8/8/5B2 w – – 0 1And a puzzle from a Russian textbook (I forget the original author) maybe a simplified situation from Cordes?8/8/6p1/B6p/7k/7P/2q3PK/8 b – – 0 1

  4. Good one. Lets go in next video. 5 amazing single knight checkmates

  5. Oh man that first puzzle managed to find, that is a disgusting mate

  6. 0:14 Wouldn't that already be a draw with insufficient material prior to the stalemate?

  7. As I rise and fall below the the 500 level I am finding my 500 and 600 rated opponents checkmating me with their bishops more so than the lower rated opponents. Thus, this is valuable to me – thanks Nelson.

  8. Something you didn't explore in the last puzzle is: What if black doesn't take the free knight with the queen?

    I know it isn't a good end game for black but it escapes the immediate mate threat. Like maybe queen to g3. Bishop takes, king takes. White is up a knight into the endgame, definitely bad. But much better than losing on the spot.

  9. I think that I found a few more ways to win position 1.

  10. 8:05 Black can just play e6+ right? If we take it is stalemate, black can keep walking his pawn, if we take the pawn black can just hug the queening square with his king because if our king approaches it is always a stalemate…

  11. Position 4 – white can even taunt black (when bishop is still on h6) by moving bishop to f8, then back to h6, then to f8, then to h6, then finally to g7.

  12. wonderful how certain positions can blow your mind! wonderful game! thanks for this video

  13. 5:53 I was thinking check mate in 3 with the Bishop utilising the queen to f6. There wood be noway for black to stop the check with the queen on f7 without getting mated. Then checkmate with Bishop on f6

  14. New to you—enjoyable games to figure out—subscribed. Thanks.

  15. that was amazing thank you so much 😊 my real problem is visualization any idea how to enhance that??

  16. 13:57 what if Queen just takes the pawn, forcing white into check and takin the queen. Black can then play his pawn from g5 to g4. So there's no check mate for white to play anymore. Ofc black has a disadvantage bc white has better placed pawns and a bishop. Bit at least its not a bishop mate

  17. Good vid . This goes along great with your end game videos. Got to activate the king to get into these positions. Your videos definitely help me out .

  18. Those positions were amazing, best puzzles ever!

  19. Position 5: kd3, sacrificed by qd3, then be1 mate (yet requires queen to take knight.)

  20. In position 5, @14:07 "There's nowhere the queen could move that's any good" We've seen the analysis that the queen must keep defending the g3 square, but this is not the case in case of a check..
    Is Queen g1 not good? It's a check, after which King has to take [King g1] Now moving the pawn up for black is an option [Pawn g5>g4]. Now the king has 2 options, white can force 3 repeat draw, or continue to play? (still a losing position, but better then a quick mate. I cant see what's wrong with it, but possibly I'm missing something.

  21. 10:24 after bc7, g4 is completely winning. Bd8+ is powerless to stop the king marching out without the king in position

  22. These are engaging videos. I enjoy trying to solve the puzzles myself! Thanks, Nelson.

  23. After this video, I've come to the conclusion that I have a lot of the right ideas but I suck at the execution. What could I do in this case?

  24. in the final puzzle, what if black just played c4?

  25. In puzzle 4, you show that 1.Bh6+ Kg8 2. g7 Kf7 leads to mate. However, Black does not have to play 2 … Kf7. Black has 2 … e6+, which delays mate for quite a while and requires White to carefully maneuver his King and patiently let Black's e-pawn march down the board (i.e., White can not capture the pawn with 3. Kxe6, or else it is stalemate). Eventually the bishop captures both the e-pawn and h-pawn and is sacrificed. The White g-pawn promotes to a queen and you get a King & Queen vs. King endgame.

  26. I only solved them because I was told the theme.

  27. Great theme. Why don’t you do some more themed videos like this…

  28. These puzzles are realy great!! … but I have a suggestion … I lose a lot of games because people play openings that I dont know , and of course I am not the only victim to this problem , so I think if you make an opening series it will be great for me and for others , so yeah , keep it up !!

  29. Why you didn't analyse the Morphy game where he checkmates with a single bishop. That is the most popular single bishop checkmate game but you didn't saw us.

  30. Nelson awesome video, all these stumped me and hence learning from your examples and analysis. Thank you!

  31. These will challenge everyone, proceeds to post the solution in the thumpnail.

  32. You’re such a chess nerd…I love it!! The joy on your face while talking about these positions makes the content even better!

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