5 Epic Single Bishop Mate Chess Problems

This kind of stuff makes chess beautiful! Follow along and try to solve these 5 incredible chess puzzles involving the single bishop mate.

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  1. 6:01 In position 3, does Qf6 work? Im pretty sure it's a mate in 3, while less stylish.

  2. this was awesome! thought I'd solved the last one but wasn't even close lol then I had 3 "Woah!" moments for it haha

  3. Awesome video. I really like the last one, where the opponent queen couldn't do anything sensible other than sacrifice itself in vain. 🤣

  4. its not the hardest puzzle but it felt good seeing it and making out the solution in 4 seconds.

  5. What about queen g 1 check king takes and then pawn g 4?

  6. Dude, you have to see that one, which tal solved…

  7. That was very nice,really enjoyed it!! Please give us more like this😃👍👍

  8. After @10:20 Bc7, Qg3; Bg3+, Kg3+, and now it's questionable. Say, Kg1 Kf3, now it depends 🙂

  9. What about g4 first move in the last position bc the move you played for black was a random move. _.

  10. i’m a low rated player and all but wouldn’t bishop F6, king takes F8, queen b8 mate? for the first one^

  11. He didn't play black's side properly in the last problem. Bc7 g4; g3+ Kg5; Bf4+ Qxf4; gxf4+ Kxf4; Nd3+ taking the pawn on c file in the next turn.

  12. that last puzzle was really really gangster. I spent like 5 minutes looking for the mate then you said what moves does black have, and ill be damned black has literally no moves

  13. Troitzky was a great endgame composer who came up with very artistic positions that teach the art of chess. I noticed all the positions were from decades or centuries ago when people played ONE game without a clock, taking hours, days or weeks. These positions will almost never be found in blitz, bullet or lightning games. (The fast food equivalent of chess). Perhaps that is why Fischer said blitz destroys the creative process or some such. Play slower and realize the game wasn't created to see who can move pieces fastest, it was made to move the pieces best.

  14. I also found the sequence:
    Bh6+, Kg8, Ke6 (black has no pieces to move because pawns are blocked) Kh8 is forced, Kh7, e6 is forced, then checkmate with Bg7# or g7#. No queen sacrifice is necessary.

  15. I have a question about game 3, how about black just play rook to g8 ? Won't it can block the check the next turn ?

  16. In the first puzzle you can do bishop f6, black moves king f8 takes knight and white queen b8 checkmate

  17. For puzzle 2 could you also have done en passant?

  18. I could figure out all the puzzle in seconds😎, but not in my match 😆

  19. On puzzle 5, after white bishop to C7, can't black win with pawn to G4?

  20. On H. Cordes, what if black plays pawn to g4?

  21. The bishop mate reminds of an incident many decades ago. I had been a fair player in High school and was #1 board. A few years after graduation I went to a local chess tournament and watched some guys. There was one guy who was really good and I figured I had little chance of beating him. So I came to the board and acted like an idiot- moving pieces in no coherent fashion and losing pawns without care(I even referred to them as ten cent prawns). I sacrificed my rook and queen, with only one channel in mind, and when he got so overconfident I moved one (prawn) which opened the channel for my bishop and mated him. The guy was in total shock and actually started crying.

  22. Position 5 there is no bishop mate after black plays Qg1+, only move for white Kxg1 black then plays g4. This gives the black king an "escape" square on g5. It will still result in a win for white but only by creating a queen and would take another 10+ moves.
    Edit: All of the above is after Bc7 Qxf2 Kh2

  23. why you do not play h6 in 5 position?

  24. In position 4 can't black timeout and draw??

  25. In Position 4, Black has the option of playing 4…e6+ instead of 4…Kf7. White still wins but must play carefully.

    4… e6+ 5. Kd6! Kf7 (if 5… e5, 6. Ke6 with the same idea of guarding the g7 pawn with the King and capturing the advancing e pawn with the Bishop) 6. Ke5 Kg8 7. Kf6 e5 8. Ke7! e4 9. Kf6 e3 7. Bxe3 and wins

  26. That first position is really weird. Basically, the knight is in the way of the bishop, so you move it out of the way while keeping tempo.

  27. Great puzzles, like them! I knew the one from Troitzky, bud didn't know the other four…
    BTW the german "Zugzwang" ist spoken like *tsoogtswung*, with both "g"s beeing a "g" like in "goat", and not "dsh" 😂

  28. 10:26 Black could play Qf4. This blocks the bishop and also prevents the white king getting to h2. Although the queen can be taken by the bishop, the bishop would then be taken by the pawn on g5. This also opens g5 as an escape route for the black king.

  29. In position 4 I think it's a better try for Black to push pawn immediately rather than Kf2. Doesn't this break the puzzle?

    if …e6+
    Kxe6 draws, else … Kf7 and now g8+ no longer works…. I guess I can confirm with an engine, either way I'm surprised you didn't go over this line.

  30. I just realized #2 wasn't actually that easy. Nd5! was the actual killer one (3:20). It prevented black's Nc3 or Nb4 which would have continued to counter any good bishop movement from white – go figure it's actually insane how the black knight could have covered each bishop check depending on where the bishop went to prepare the check, such as f4 or g5 (or e3). (literally every available bishop check) But by placing the knight on d5 black first had to capture it with the bishop which brought white the necessary tempo and he got unstoppable. Quite an epic setup from white. (and with the king in prison) And as always it's so beautiful because it's all about that one move tempo advantage, the exciting part in any good puzzle.

  31. In last puzzle, after bishop c7, black can play pawn g4. This will open up square for king.

  32. In position 4 after Bh6+ Kg8, g7 Kf7, what If I just move the king in e5, black king can't really move or I just promote to queen and win, he will have to push the pawn, which I ll eventually capture and then he will hav eot move the king, i will promote and then win, I know the point of this video was to find single bishop checkmate, but in the end of the day once I promote I can easily win anyway

  33. Position 4: It was the moves 2 e6+ and 2 e5 that I struggled with for a long time. Eventually I saw a mate in 17. Stockfish tought that I had a faster way to do it in just 13 moves.

  34. 8:25 actually there are two winning moves for white: g8=Q and the amazing…

    Just pure humiliation

  35. I have a doubt on position 4. That is what If the first move is bishop to g5 ?

  36. Position 1 nd 5 simply mind blowing

  37. The last position isn’t a force mate if black instead of getting knight after bishop c7 you move pawn to g4, because now if you try to mate with bishop the black king can move to g3 because the white king is no covering the g3 square and if instead of check with bishop you do the move to block g3 you advance the pawn delivering a check and you have to move your king because if bishop takes queen takes woth check and you win queen over bishop and if knight takes you take with pawn and you are not blocked by your pawns anymore and if knight e4 you just can eat with queen because the original position of queen was e3 and leaving free the g3 square.

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