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Puzzle 1 Details
FEN: 5K1B/8/7p/5k1r/8/5PP1/p3P3/8 w – – 0 1
Author: Afansiev, Duizov, 1967

Puzzle 2 Details
FEN: r4n2/p1K5/k7/n2p4/N3Nr2/1PPP4/1P1P3b/8 w – – 0 1
Author: Bent

Puzzle 3 Details
FEN: 7N/6P1/8/8/8/2P3k1/bP5p/7K w – – 0 1
Author: Bernhardt, 1961

Puzzle 4 Details
FEN: 8/p7/8/8/5P2/8/8/2k2K2 w – – 0 1
Author: Birnov, 1970

Puzzle 5 Details
FEN: 6k1/8/n5NK/8/8/1p6/3Bn1N1/8 w – – 0 1
Author: Birnov, 1954

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  1. actually puzzle 4 is win for black cause if we play pawn to b3 ill play bishop to b1 if you queen theres still mate if you move a different piece its mate

  2. In second puzzle, black has an opportunity to take the pawn that starts on a2 with en passant (5. …Nxa3). I don’t know if stalemate is still forced, but its a move Nelson didn’t mention.

  3. First puzzle rook at h4, would give black king a chance to run.

  4. In the fifth puzzle you can win when you a second check with the other knight

  5. wait…on puzzle 5 when Kh8 there it's a checkmate after Knight to f7

  6. You tenticily said the checkmate.♟️♟️♟️♟️♟️♟️♟️♟️♟️♟️🏆🎖️🏅🎟️🎟️🎟️🎭🎭🎭🤹‍♂️🥈🥇

  7. 3:23 you shoulda mentoined king c5 does the same because the pawn can't move

  8. For puzzle two you can actually checkmate with white by doing pawn b4 forcing the knight to move then king c6.Then black can do any move except move the king and knight e6.Then white moves knight c5 and checkmate but not forced

  9. What's beautiful about the thumbnail puzzle is that you don't even have to promote to a queen. Promoting to a rook, and even tona bishop will draw too.

  10. In the first one my dum ass said king to tu without even noticing the fork Some times in life you don't have to try to be good, god will just make you a dumb genius

  11. In The 5th puzzle in The final King to f8 It prevents checkmate

  12. As an expert, I got 3.5/5 (got the first half of the 4th problem, went several moves before I could see the whole idea), but man, the last one was hard! Also worthy to point out on the last one sacrificing the bishop blocks the queen from checking the king.

  13. In last puzzle white can actually win, if he moves knight to f6 from d5 when black king is on h8…

  14. The one in the thumbnail is confusing to some people, but I figured it out by myself, Turn the pawn into a rook or queen and he is in check so he has to take with the bishop, You now have enough time to draw it

  15. Puzzle 4th pawn move was not logical move but intuition move. That's how human play chess.

  16. For puzzle 3, after White plays b3, instead of taking the pawn, Black plays Bb1, and then mates with Be4 the next move. There is no way for White to stop that.

  17. If there’s one thing I learn from these videos it’s that I suck at chess.

  18. for once i paused, and actually solved #3. I am chess.

  19. I actually solved puzzle #4 without help. The powers of a 450 😀

  20. puzzle 5, if black Kh8, we can simply Nf7# :v


  22. 10:23 If white has this genious plan, black can encounter it by moving the ka6 kc5 instead of pd3 pd2 and earns an early reservation for d6. But ofc it's hard to surpress enthusiasm and not move the pawn.

  23. If in the 5th puzzle if the king goes to h8 Nf7 is checkmate

  24. Hi, I have just seen that, in the fifth puzzle, the black king cannot go to h8 because it is checkmate with the knight in f7

  25. For puzzle 4 why can’t you just pin the queen and king and then you can just take the queen since the king has to move and it’s easier to win right? Or will that end up in a draw?

  26. In the 5th puzzle it is worth mentioning that the bishop move necessary to block the queens path to e1 after the knight captures the bishop, so the queen could monitore the e7 square and stop the perpetual

  27. Don't take the last pawn and go to Kb4 instead and you are guaranteed to win with all those pieces

  28. In puzzle 3, what do you do if the bishop moves to b1 first and just ignores your pawns?

  29. puzzle 3, just put your knight on bishop's diagonal

  30. This is the first time I get a puzzle right from the beginning and it feels good

  31. You can stop it, but not completely, talking about the one on the clickbait. Just move the peons to prevent the bishops movement, there you go, you stopped it, not completely, but stopped it.

  32. The puzzle 5 can be white wins bc with the other horse can trap the king and is checkmate, with that white actually wins.

  33. 4:44 We can move Nd3 instead of move Nh6 bc we can prevent mate and can draw with Nf5

  34. 5:28 the 3rd puzzle is wrong. You could just move your bishop to e2 and then its not a pinn and if the knight moves its mate

  35. Thumbnail… call black for cheating because he had to move the pawn beside the kings backwards for it to be where it is.

  36. 11:35
    Pause and notice how there could be a mate if king really were to move to H8

  37. I solved the 4th puzzle but I'm sure in the heat of the game I wouldn't get it…..

  38. In #3 at 5:08. What if black makes a waiting move so the bishop? For example by moving the bishop to b5. If then white takes the pawn or makes another knight move,, it's Bc6# check, Kf3 Bf3 check mate. Why does that not work?

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