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Puzzle 1 Details
FEN: 5K1B/8/7p/5k1r/8/5PP1/p3P3/8 w – – 0 1
Author: Afansiev, Duizov, 1967

Puzzle 2 Details
FEN: r4n2/p1K5/k7/n2p4/N3Nr2/1PPP4/1P1P3b/8 w – – 0 1
Author: Bent

Puzzle 3 Details
FEN: 7N/6P1/8/8/8/2P3k1/bP5p/7K w – – 0 1
Author: Bernhardt, 1961

Puzzle 4 Details
FEN: 8/p7/8/8/5P2/8/8/2k2K2 w – – 0 1
Author: Birnov, 1970

Puzzle 5 Details
FEN: 6k1/8/n5NK/8/8/1p6/3Bn1N1/8 w – – 0 1
Author: Birnov, 1954

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  1. In puzzle 5 if they choose a bishop instead of a queen they win right?😂

  2. in Puzzle 5 at the end, while yes it's a Draw if Black goes Kf8-Kg8, wouldn't it be a white win if it goes Kh8, given Nf7#?

  3. for puzzle 4, what if black responds to Ke2 with Kc2 instead of pushing the pawn?

  4. what will happen in puzzle3 if we play the move c4, then black takes with the bishop then queen promote then black takes and then what will happen please tell.

  5. 0:06 pawn g4+

    The king has to move somewhere (the pawn is protected) and no matter where he goes that rook goes down. The black pawn That’s about to be a queen is guarded by the bishop.


    0:37 hold up, That’s a stalemate,isn’t it?

  6. 3:56 pawn b3 to block bishop, bishop takes the pawn, pawn at the end becomes queen check, bishop takes the Queen, Knight to f7 which blocks the bishop from going to the check, bishop takes the Knight, remaining pawn to c4 and if bishop takes it it’s a stalemate

  7. #3 isn't very difficult but it's pretty creative, I like it

  8. In the 4th puzzel what will happen if black get a knight instade of a queen ?

  9. Brilliant stuff & Just goes to show… always look for stalemate possibilities when one or other King is an a box.

  10. 11:34 Black won't play Kh8 because it's a checkmate in 1… unless black plays Qb6 which will pin one of the knights.

  11. After watching the thumbnail for quite a while
    I finally knew how
    Very entretaining before watching the video

  12. Puzzle 4, white F1>E2, black C1>C2 ends in a stalemate too, right?

  13. 11:35 In the 5th puzzle, if the king hides in the corner there’s actually a checkmate for white, knight f7. Therefore the king must go to f8 to get a draw.

  14. Bro on the 5th puzzle knight to f7 was mate

  15. 8:50 In this situation, can't black move its queen to c1 or d1 to check the white king, forcing white to move to capture the black queen?

  16. Cool tricks, well explained – subscribed!

  17. I like your endgame puzzles. I should have learned them when I played at the chess club in 1971.

  18. Only reason I expected that the solution is not to push the pawn in puzzle 4 is because you keep bringing interesting puzzles to the table xD

  19. On problem 4, what happens of black play Kc2 on their first move ?

  20. Out of curiosity, on puzzle four, what happens if white takes the pawn race, makes a queen, and moves it to b4?

  21. Thanks for the video was too tired to pause the only one able to see without pausing for some reason was lol Puzzle #4 for brain win must move king instinct. Maybe could see more if paused but good to learn anyway.

  22. That Nd6 move in the last puzzle also serves another goal: it prevents black from pinning the g6-knight with …Qb6.

  23. Puzzle 5 u can mate black if they move their king to the corner

  24. I loved the 5 th puzzle . I did see what you missed 1st on puzzle 4 maybe it's because of my screwed up thought processes on a chess board I think for the most hurtful damaging moves which I know isn't always best, but what you gonna do chess is warfare at its most beautiful , what a game I've subscribed love the clarity of your explanations well done. Sir.

  25. A player strong enough to get a 2 to 1 knight advantage probably isn't going to draw, just throwing that out for you.

  26. Not sure about this but knight at g2 to f4, if black knight takes, we take black knight with our knight at g6 then follow next step with knight to e6, king to g7; if pawn to b2, knight at f4 to e6, then pawn to b1 becomes queen but then king to g7. Isn't that checkmate? I guess once knight to e6 opponent will see and move king to f7, but then it's quite different with lots of potential outcomes?

  27. Am I missing something in puzzle 4? (I admit this is quite likely).
    You said white to play so if there's a pawn race the white pawn will be at f7 and the black pawn at a4 after 3 turns each. The white pawn then moves to f8 becoming a queen. If the black pawn then moves to a3 the white queen takes it. If black's 4th move is king to b2 instead then white moves its queen to b4 checking the king and stopping it from protecting the pawn which is taken next move. From that point it's just a standard KQ v K tidy up.

  28. 4:07 if you eat black's bishop while they aren't looking that's a free queen with check

  29. For the first one I saw Kf7 right away but couldn’t figure out what came after Rh4. Assumed it was still a quick mate somewhere and Chess vibes would explain it but of course he doesn’t look that far into it.
    I kept looking for the quick mate until I finally had to run it through the engine.
    No quick mate, you have to settle for gxh4 and it’s a mate in 22 for white.

  30. Puzzle 5 missed check mate when king went to king h8 knight to F7 was checkmate

  31. Funny thing about Last puzzle is if Black King goes h8, White can win

  32. Yes I saw #4.
    (similar to how I got close with #1)

    I see what the obvious move is,
    and know that's the wrong move, because it says 'puzzle' in the corner.

    Step one, run the obvious scenario, find out why the obvious one, is the wrong one.
    Either find a solution for that weakness. (something that actually requires skill, why I didn't solve #1)
    Or try the only alternative, which is why I did solve #4.
    There were only 2 'non-terrible' moves. as it is a puzzle, it's the one that isn't obvious.
    There is no way I would have spotted it in an actual game.

  33. In the 3rd puzzle, I don't understand how black can't escape stalemate by playing h3?

  34. in the 4th puzzle what if the black promotes to a knight? 😀

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