5 Chess Problems I Promise Will Blow Your Mind 🀯

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  1. 12:21 why not just knight back to g3+ check and cover promotion square. That’s what I would probably have done in game and tired to bring my king and pawns closer to promotion. It might be some black knight moves that draw this I guess but it’s hard to see

  2. ΠžΠ±Ρ€Π°Π·ΠΎΠ²Π°Π½ΠΈΠ΅-это всё says:

    2:10 Why dont play a7 there?

  3. Holy shit, amazing problems! Love it

  4. Why cant black just not take the bishop at the start in position#1, and move the rook to the 8th rank

  5. 24:52 but here cant u just do knight c6 ? and then if white does a queen you take the rook

  6. Wow no.2 is good, I always thought queen is the better choice

  7. 7:25 just go with the queen on h8 ._. king will take and we can take a queen and we won

  8. Position 3

    Knight to b5 from the start wins with many less steps

  9. do chess players think all of this things while playing

  10. Position 1 is pretty funny, position 2 is straight up hilarious.

  11. I was blind not to see the obvious king takes.πŸ€¦β€β™‚

  12. Continued this vido today at #4: 16:20
    Dude, pc3+… Nd7+ I came up with that, and after the checks we are getting a queen safely, with a fairly good position! That looked so sweet. Of course I'm wrong again… (perhaps I was doing too many small puzzles the last days). Because it's not the solution of the puzzle as i see when continuing your video 😞

  13. [edit: Okay #4 I watched the solution, gg] selfnote: 16:44 (2nd pause of puzzle 4) Honestly you gotta give a tip after pause, I tried now around a lot without hints or evaluation line and can't do it. For instance moving the knight to g5 to threaten check and moving your pawn doesn't seem to make sense because of the perpetual check and even mate if I check (king just runs towards me), I also tried pc3+ different check variations which simply ends up in losing all the central pawns, doing stupid stuff such as the king simply loses the past pawn, other variations: A fork on e6 couldn't be accomplished because of tempo of black, or "offering" the night on d6 as stupid as it looks (black could just ignore it, go for check or improve the positon elsewhere), won't work because black is up a turn in all cases. So 1. Ne4 wouldn't work for me personally I have no follow up plan, while as with 1.pc3+ 2.Nd7+ i would at least have gotten a queen and a decent position. So I really feel offering a hint after the pause instead of solving the turn right away would be quite sweet.

  14. 3:38 White would still win if black didn't have that rook. White bishop to b7, black pawn to h1, bishop takes, white pawn promotes, and even with the 2nd pawn blocking check, its still just a few moves away from gg.

  15. On position 4 we could en passant c7 to b8 capturing b7

  16. the move is… A QUEEN! No jokes I considered all but the queen after the previous puzzles haha.


  17. the finalist, 5: 19:00
    I safe this one for later. amazing show.
    I love your smiling after 4. Clearly loving what you do

  18. 19:50 "and now we can see what black's first move is..". This felt like you were jumping over 5 minutes of talking about something, because all I got to see and hear from you so far was the pawn movements by white. Of course I got to black's first move in that first pause, however it took quite some time to get there. FOr example I was considering moving the black king towards the rook and the rook couldn't really escape for 2 moves, always threatened by the king so I looked at other stuff first like not pushing the pawn so the rook could be 2 turns ahead, until then of course realizing how the queen would protect the rook finally so from a huge chunk of background info I only came to that black has to force… But you skipped all of it and said "now we can see" like you talked 1-5 minutes about stuff black could do and this was the only thing but there was just the pawn move by white that I heard.

  19. 20:08 : What if the white king didn't step onto the H-line (not taking the pawn) but on the g-line where it can't be checked like g2? Then castling wouldn't be an option, I assume because the rook couldn't give check without being captured.

    21:35 i figured g5. And I think it's the correct move – because then black can't give perpetual checks… or give a rook check to go over to the a-line. Edit-after you resolved it: Bah well, there is some weird Knight moves of course that make it bad πŸ™‚

  20. 25:24 Thank you , your video really motivated me to think with you, try out the positions myself and have fun with chess and play it even though I'm not a good player at all. Great channel.

  21. In #2 when you promote the pawn to bishop, can't black just take the promoted bishop?

  22. I solved all positions without hints 🀯

  23. bro position #4 rather than just taking the queen and sacrificing and wasting time, you could have just play Pc3# at 16:48 because the c4pawn is attacking the d5 square and the d3 pawn is defending the c4pawn and the knight so the king can't capture them and the white king is attacking the c3 and e3 square so the king can't go anywhere which means its a checkmate

  24. The first one has the problem of the black king is just going to take that pawn as soon as you queen it instead of trying to do some fancy nonsense with the rook.

  25. At the pos 2 what about instead of promoting to a bishop u move the rock for king check?

  26. Position 1, if I had to guess, bishop to h1, blocking the pawn promotion. Rook takes but that also blocks his pawn and then white promotes to queen

    Edit, saw the second part of it, again, I assume white blocks the pawn with queen to h1 sacrificing the queen for the same combination, but this time when whites pawn promotes on a8, it also puts the king in check

  27. White could still win on 22:56. King to G6. Black is forced to move, which is his horse (moving the king or rook is straight lmao) so it forced to move the horse. White then move the rooo to eat black rook, black king eat it and white king goes all the way left racing with black king to secure the pawn

  28. Position 3 is easy I don't know why the this position 3 is a problem?

  29. 7:24 We can sac our queen of g7. And it's a winning position.

    Edit: sac or sack?

  30. 18:50 what if the queen captures the knight at this moment… its hard to win against that 5 pawn structure…

  31. Pos 2 , why didn't he just play rook to g1

  32. In Position #5 why doesn't black play the move Nc7 and plays Ne7 in the end? Wasn't that the plan for black all along (blocking a8)?

  33. Exciting to see someone get excited about these cool plays

  34. In position #1, what if the black king begins moving towards the rook before white gets the second queen?

  35. Nelson, you are overall a very instructive player, but I actually disagree with your solution for position 1. I personally think that the best move would be bishop to b7. If you try it out, it gives an easier endgame for white. Regardless, I love your videos and keep up the good work!

  36. Hohoho, I am thinking like noob I was thinking in position 4 fa queen but that was the correct move.

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