5 Chess Problems I Promise Will Blow Your Mind 🀯

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  1. In position #2 isnt there Rg1+? If king moves, it's checkmate with promotion and if bishop blocks and Kg7 you have discovered attack on king and queen with rook d6+

  2. Полина Π’Π°Π±ΠΈΡ‰Π΅Π²ΠΈΡ‡ says:

    Amazing 🀩

  3. In number one can’t you just move the queen to defend the pawn and then when you do push the pawn to get a queen and checkmate the king

  4. cant black in position 4 escape checkmate by sacrificing their queen to take the knight?

  5. Position 2: rg1 wins. rg1, bg6, rg6, kh7, pawn takes rook promote to knight check, kh8, knight takes queen. Now black only has their king and there is no stalemate because the King can still move to h7

  6. Rg1+ is also a win for position 2 and yes then you can make a queen

  7. You can't make this up……except, you know, it is made up…..🀣🀣🀣

  8. 22:46 can't u just rook trade then bring king over to force knight to move? Then its Queen and knight and I'm pretty sure its a win for white in that case. I'm pretty bad at chess so I might me missing something obvious but just thought I'd share.

  9. position#5 in the last what if the rook go to f7 ad not e8 ? the white cant win that way

  10. 6:56 The first time ive ever seen a good reason to pick a bishop over a queen.

  11. What about queen takes knight in position 4?

  12. Position #1. Why not move White King?
    Because black king will eat all there is

  13. Position #2..yeah..you either make all those fancy and long turm things or just play Rd1-g1 and easily win afterwards with a regular pawn-queen upgrade…still don't get? well, think of buying a good chess book then..

  14. For the 1st one technically can’t you move the black king to the next column of squares?

  15. 18:50 black takes kight with queen, and then take pawn with his g7 pawn and black has 5 pawns vs 3 and black wins

  16. in the second puzzle, why is Rg2+ not winning instead of Bh7+?

  17. I am a novice in chess but for position #4 what if black moved the queen from f8 to e7 then I feel like its black win or it will be hard for white to recover

  18. Chess newbie here, in position 2 when you under promote to a bishop next to the king, why can't the king just take the bishop?

  19. If I'm black in position 3 I'll be traumatized hahahhaha
    Damn it turned into a Horror game

  20. position 4 instead of moving the knight back couldnt you have moved c2 pawn to c3 for checkmate without waiting for the queen to move again?

  21. I think I missing something in position 2 but I don’t see it right away: why not Rg1+ which effectively forces Kh8 then take Rf8 with pawn promote to queen check mate?

  22. For position 2, if the king moves to g2, can't you move the pawn to e6 to check and then promote the other pawn to a queen? Without risking stalemate?

  23. Position 2 is one of the best puzzles I've ever seen

  24. In position 2 when king moves to g7, push pawn to h6, if the king captures the pawn , u can promote to a queen and win

  25. So no ones gonna talk about the first one for white being able to move Qh8

  26. Wouldn't it make more sense to move the queen to the left of the black pound or whatever it's called and he either defends it by putting it under or defends by going to the left either way you get the pong or tower

  27. Don't have the time to look: At Position #4, why not take the knight with the queen? Isn't that at least a draw? Then black is even up a piece no matter what white does (taking queen or not).

    Can someone please tell me what I'm missing?

  28. So having a board state that results in your opponent being unable to move results in a stalemate, which is a draw? shouldnt you just win?

  29. In position 2, can't you just move the rook to g1? King is forced to move onto h8 and can be checkmated by promoting to a queen. Sure, black might cover his king with the queen or bishop before that, but you could just take respective pieces and it will nonetheless result in a checkmate, as already described. Did I miss something? Pls correct me if that's the case. Amazing problems though, appreciate it

  30. Here’s my thought he’s gonna use bishop to block the black pawn then they have to take bishop for queen but waste 2 moves in total doing so white gets queen and blocks point and wins

  31. Ugh, I hate King-Queen/Rook Mates. Doable, but I usually accidentally stalemate qhen their in the corner.

  32. why didnt the knight go to g4 on position #4? that way the pawn is already defended and taking the queen just results in checkmate

  33. What if the king goes g7 in the 2nd one instead of taking the bishop?
    Edit: wow thats mindblowing

  34. I'd be really surprised if #5 has actually ever happened in a real match. Who gets to the end game with 2 rooks on one side of their kings, but the king and far rook haven't moved yet so he can castle lol.

  35. Did anyone else hear that? Oh, never mind, it was just my brain exploding.

  36. Sorry but isn't there a direct checkmate im position #2, on Rg1?

    After Rg1, it's a check. So the King is either forced to move to h8, or block it with the Queen or Bishop, which is useless and would lead back to h8.

    Then pΓ—Rf8 and promotes to a Queen/Rook. Blocking with Bishop, again useless as RΓ—Bg8 it would lead to a checkmate…

  37. 2:20 Why can't Queen just go to f3? I mean Black is forced to move the rook so you can move your pawn (if black doesn't play Rook d7) or your queen to h1 if Black moves Rook d7.
    Edit: Forgot to mention Queen f3 also blocks Rook from checking the King

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