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  1. On position 4, can't black play Qf6 to capture the knight, isnt black in a winning position?

  2. If black takes the knight on f6 in position#4 it would be way better for them so why wouldn't they do it

  3. I thought I saw an opportunity for an alternate play for position #2 before realizing there was an easy escape from it. I had thought that you could simply move the rook to g1, forcing the king into check. This leaves only three possible plays: blocking with the queen, blocking with the bishop, or fleeing to h8. Unfortunately if they blocked with the bishop, this leaves nothing the rook can do to force the king into checkmate because if you took the bishop, the only viable option to pressure the opponent and prevent them from setting up moves on you, the king could simply move to f7 and escape your grasp, ruining any chance for victory you may have had.

  4. For position 1 wouldn't moving the king off the rim be the best first move? It lets you take any promotion with the bishop, and if black takes with rook, you aren't in check to promote

  5. So for position 1 what if you move the king then if black queens you can capture it without ending up in trouble as capturing also frees you to queen a pawn. Just curious

  6. For position 3, can’t you do knight on d6 to b5? Then you can move bishop or the knight depending on the square black king moves on?

  7. Position 4#: if the Queen capture the horse after the horse block(f6) there is no check mate from white. And i think, even if white capture the black queen, black wins because the pawn in A line.

  8. 7:50
    Capture then Wait for it turn into the rook🀯
    me : bruh

  9. When I tell you, I screamed when I saw the end of position 2

  10. what learned is completely abandon all my chess logic to beat opponents

  11. For the first queen move why dont you move it to f3 where the king is in check you can take the rook next move and then you can take the pawn (position 1 btw)

  12. I've been playing chess for 9 years, (not professionally) and position 2 the best move is actually Rook G1. Not Bishop H7. It's even possible to promote to the queen like normal with that line, though technically the knight is still better if black plays to postpone mate. But a queen is still a win. It goes as follows:

    White plays B-g6, Rxg6+, K-f7, R-g7+, K-e6, e7xg8^Q, Qxd3+, K-c1, Q-e3+, K-d1, Q-d4+, K-e2, Q-e4+, K-f2, Q-d4+, K-g2, Q-d2+, (finally white may defend with their promoted queen) Q-f2, Q-d5+, Q-f3, Q-d2+, K-g3, Q-e1+, K-h3, (at last safe from any further attacks) K-d6, (blacks "best" move, and from here white can force a queen exchange for a safe 7# mate with Q-g3+, or they can get fancy with another 7 move mate as follows: ) Q-d3+, K-c6, Q-c4+, K-d6, R-g6+, K-d7, Q-c6+, k-d8, R-g8+, K-e7, R-g7+, K-f8, Q-d6+, Q-e7, Qxe7+β—‹.

    For those of you that hate messy checkmates, consider Rxe7, forcing K-g8, and a clean mate with Q-d8+β—‹. (A clean mate is when the enemy king cant capture before being "captured", minimizing the damage to your kingdom. Its purely theatrical, a win is a win. Until it's not, but let's not get philosophical here.πŸ˜–)

    Kudos to the creator for trying to craft a position where promoting to a queen is a loss/draw. (compared to a bishop/rook) but dynamically I doubt its possible. Well played!

    Edit: on further inspection, I have come to the conclusion I'm an idiot and I rescind both the last paragraph and my right to notate chess.

  13. Position 4: why cant you instantly push pawn c3? An instant checkmate

  14. Ha capture rook and underpromote to knight forks queen nd wins the game

  15. Isn't position 4 a mate in one?
    you just play c3

  16. Realative newbie here. Pos. 2 what is wrong with rook- g1 check ?

  17. The thumbnail had to pawns at the other side :/ which makes it a queen

  18. 2:19 Im not the best chess player bzt wiuldnt it be smarter to move the pawn instead of the queen first. Because you can still take enemy queen after enemy gets queen.

  19. In Position 4 after we played Knight f6 why cant the Queen take the night?

  20. Are you telling me the 5th puzzle doesn't say you have castling rights? I feel like that is sort of a big deal.

  21. In position 2 why not took g1 then it’s checkmate in 2

  22. In position #4 you can move pawn to C3 for an instant checkmate

  23. You need to see the future to solve position 3 without help

  24. In position #4 can’t he just pawn c3 first move to mate correct me if I’m wrong

  25. Expressions Tv -Expressions Gospel Show says:

    Bishop and queenie h1

  26. For position #3, what's the role of the black Knight on a8? The way white win doesn't change with the presence or absence of this piece, does it? Or is there a variation where the Knight matters?

  27. pos.2 : rook G1 check, Pon E8 Queen is winning right?

  28. I think some important variations have to be covered in the end of Puzzle number 4. If after Nf6 black plays either Qa8 or Qh8 then f4 does not work because black will give a check with the queen in g2 in the first case and in h2 in the second case. For this reason after Qa8 white should play Ng4 to protect the e5 pawn and the threat c3 to checkmate black's king is unstoppable. If black plays Qh8 (where he also threatens Qh6+ ruining whites position), then white has to play again Ng4 threatening again c3 with checkmate. The only way to avoid this checkmate for black is to play Qh6+ and white has to play Nxh6. If black captures the knings gxh6 then f4 and the threat c3 is unstippable. Thus the only way for black to continue the game is to play Kxe5 and then white has to save the knight by either playing Ng4 or Ng8 or Kf7 (I am not sure if all three are winning, but white has to be cautious because black has a passed pawn in the a row and some precision is required/ In a game I would play Ng4+ followed by Ne3 and then white may protect the f pawn with the king and play c3 and Nc2 having an easy win).

  29. Plssss bring my Account back plsss roblox says:

    its not mate yet

  30. Plssss bring my Account back plsss roblox says:

    on position 4 18:56 what if blacks queen will have to sacrificed for a horse and if you take the queen back blacks just gonna take it again so its a win for black

  31. I’m sorry but position 4 can’t the Queen just take the knight on F6

  32. can i submit you a forced checkmate that make me win against stockfish in 35 moves?

  33. in position 4 there's a check mate instead of moving knight up when the black queen takes white queen instead move pawn on c2 to c3 then i

  34. This guy looks SOOOO much like Jeremy Piven.

  35. In Position #1, wouldn't rook to b1 after a8-Q allow for a chance of a tie for black by using the rook to protect from the checks?

  36. Thank you very much for this tutorial, im new to chess so, for me, this is mindblowing

  37. But on position 2 isn't rook g1, king goes h8, pawn promotes to rook/queen and then only thing black can do is bishop g8 and it mate? Sorry for bad english

  38. position #4 what happens if the queen takes the knight

  39. position #2: why not the first move can't be Rg1+ ? Am I missing something?

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