4 Extraordinary Chess Problems


0:00 Intro
1:28 Puzzle 1
5:49 Puzzle 2
11:35 Puzzle 3
17:05 Puzzle 4

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  1. A few years ago Magnus Carlsen actually missed a win with a similar light square/dark square deflection technique as that second composition. So this isn't just theoretical stuff, it can actually happen in real games

  2. Gotham is like a real life Sokka from avatar the last airbender

  3. In puzzle 3 why does black promote to knights and not queens?

  4. Isn't the third one the same puzzle Tal solved whilst having a walk in the park

  5. I thought the first ​​mate-in-25 ​problem would be too deep for Stockfish 15 to find, but it finds it immediately. I am somewhat familiar with chess-playing algorithms, and I assumed that the search tree would grow exponentially toward infinity, but it helps that all the wrong choices get White mated quickly.

  6. I had in mind: place pawn h4 play bishop e6, g5 only legal move. Bishop back to f7 mate. Or am i mistaking something?

  7. Lol I actually sort of got the second puzzle, but then I thought "oh no it doesn't work because then he takes my rook with his queen and it's still check". Not realizing I could obviously take his pawn as he promotes lol. So I guess it doesn't count hahaha

  8. In the last one I got pretty close by immediately recognizing that its one of those restrict the kings movement with the pawn. I even got to the point where I realized I would need to move the pawn in my next move but I never got to the enpassent. I was stuck on the F file.

  9. I was so close to solving out that final puzzle. I thought it was put the pawn on f2, then force en passant and it was checkmate next move with the bishop. But… Forgot that en passant on f3 would put me in check. So near yet so far, story of my chess life

  10. I have never herd of en passant before this video 😅

  11. In Puzzle 4 there's also pawn on f4 and bishop e6,g5 forced by black then bishop back to f7 checkmate

  12. I put this position on my stockfish and sometimes it solved this and sometimes not, it is normal? (One timese it solved position with 152 second, 3 times it bludered with 152 seconds and one time it solved with 5 seconds)

  13. Correct me if I’m wrong, but wouldn’t it work for the fourth puzzle to put the pawn on h4 and then move Be6. g5 is forced and Bf7 is mate. @gothamchess

  14. im 1050 rated and it took 20min for me to solve that last puzzle i was so proud of my self to think about en passant. FIDE should give me the gm title just for this:D

  15. I can't solve a 4 move puzzle so I'm gunna say no

  16. This is why I love chess!! All these positions are so interesting and unique in ways that I wouldn’t even see at my level. Please make more of these videos!!!

  17. Love the king bishop pawn mate…and those three pieces usually have a hard time winning….

  18. I was able to solve puzzles 1 and 4. The two in the middle were simply too complicated for me.

  19. I really enjoyed this positions, thanks for the video

  20. Puzzle 3 is so crazy, my chin has dropped and now I can't find it. Holy shit that's beautiful.

  21. Puzzle 4: Pawn f4- move bishop anywhere-black pawn moves to g5-white bishop back to f7 is mate right????

  22. in puzzle 4, i forgot which way the black pawns could move :l

  23. In the second puzzle I saw the first brilliant move but that queen sac is completely insane

  24. Last puzzle, why not place that pawn on f4 and move bishop to e6? Only legal move for black is pawn to g5, followed by bishop f6 # checkmate.

  25. Oh come on that last puzzle wasn't hard at all…even the first one wasn't too hard since you just need to find the most forcing moves. The second and third ones though were absolutely mind boggling those were insane

  26. I absolutely loved these! solved 2 and was so close in the last two! I missed the checkmate with the bishop tho XD
    Would love to see more!

  27. Mind blowing. Every composition was awesome

  28. I actually got the last one Im so proud of myself

  29. Predicting the moves after 14:30

    …1. Kf6, e pawn promotes
    2. Bg6 check, kg4 is forced
    3. Bf5, Kh6 is forced
    4. I want to say push the g pawn for check, but I feel like the king would scamper down the dark squares on the H file after that, I will come back to this comment after I watch the solution

  30. I love this concept! I would really enjoy more videos like this, where one can “play along”

  31. Me thinking I was GM level fist pumping the ceiling until I realised I solved the last puzzle backwards (thinking black can only move upwards) I placed pawn on F4 then retreated the bishop to E8, forcing black to play G5, then rook takes G5, story of my life.

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