4 Extraordinary Chess Problems


0:00 Intro
1:28 Puzzle 1
5:49 Puzzle 2
11:35 Puzzle 3
17:05 Puzzle 4

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  1. fun fact: on the fourth puzzle, i put a pawn on h4 thinking that "I put pawn, black taek pawn, mate in one."

  2. how come bishop e4 and not d3?
    That prevents the knighting from stopping mate?

  3. What about bishop b3 instead of c2 in the third puzzle? Would that work?

  4. 6:26 why nor after white makes a queen, white roock or ruk or whatever goes to a 4? That solves the problem right?

  5. In the 3rd puzzle, you said that no one was able to solve it, but Mikhail tal actually solved it over the board, please correct that.

  6. imagine if u spend half of ur time thinking abt a move similar to thiis and finds out oh he can just escape like this

  7. There’s no checkmate in one move😂😂😂😂😂

  8. AlphaNiemann solved all of them in under 10 seconds.

  9. Literally all games are mate in 25 u just need the right moves all the way along

  10. For the last one pawn to f4 followed by Bg8 works too right? Black has to move pawn to g5 after which Bf7 is mate

  11. 5:07 in this position, I went g5 and then Qh7, i trully did miss mate in 1 😛 (but still got mate in 2!)

    Super fun puzzle 😀 I got super lost when the king was on c3 though since I only saw a check on c4 which lead to the queen blocking any further checks. but still figured it out :DDD

    I only wish that the puzzles would have been linked in the description so I wouldn't have to rebuild the position from scratch everytime

  12. 19:19 can't you get mate in 1 by promoting to a queen on g8 and taking on g6?

  13. Great video! I would love to see some more of these!

  14. dennis rodman, pete rose, who else? Al(e)kline?

  15. I actually calculated a similar line to the first puzzle in an actual game — one where I have to sacrifice some material and chase the king in a circle to guarantee mate. If I recall correctly that line didn’t end up happening and my opponent lost much quicker than that; maybe with a hook mate? It’s always disappointing when your opponent doesn’t make you show your work.

  16. In the last position in the second puzzle with the two pawns, say black plays Kxa7. In that case, c8=Q! looks like a classic stalemate trap. Unfortunately for Black, they have a knight, which moves anywhere, and then White mates next move. Beautiful.

  17. what about on puzzle 3 the d8 knight go to c6 white bishop a4 black knight d4nd when bishop to d1 you can block with the knight

  18. The an passant one was a little misleading because of the mechanic of just “adding a piece to the board” why am I to assume that if a pawn is added on H2 that it will be allowed to move two spots? Adding a piece to the board is unprecedented territory, why am I to assume that the pawn would be treated as if it was starting the game on H2? It was an interesting puzzle nonetheless, but I am not sure of how fair it was to the viewer.

  19. Oh the first one, I’ve seen it on ”Great name”’s channel. Sack both rooks, then hunt the king with queen

  20. Can someone explain this to me cuz in the last puzzle I just moved h2 pawn to h3 and black had to take why do you have to do the pesant thingy if I'm being stupid pls just tell me

  21. I solved puzzle nr 4 and had the idea on what to do with this 1st one, kinda hard to calculate 25 moves. I'll take that

  22. What about before taking the pone with the bishop at a7 we give check to a5 or b5. The king has to take the queen then we take the pon at a7.

  23. I am talking about second puzzle when the whit queen get sacrifized

  24. Puzzle 2 and 4 ‼️‼️‼️ We want part -2 ASAP

  25. In Puzzle 4 are you able to play the Pawn instead of h4 to h3 as well??

  26. this was absolutely amazing. please do more. those were crazy

  27. can someone please explain why the first puzzle isn’t mate in 4

  28. Puzzle 3 16:01
    Couldn't black move the pawn h6 to h7 and escape with the king to h6?

  29. At this point, I would report a GM for cheating if they did this online

  30. All of these puzzle creators must have the bought all of Levy's courses. It's the only explaination

  31. The real definition of the "Advanced" variation

  32. why did the 3rd puzzle have knight promotions? why wouldn’t they be queens

  33. You missed something, there was a human who solved this puzzle the magician from Riga Mikhail tal

  34. atleast i was able to figure out the last one, would love to see more such videos

  35. Is solved all puzzles!!! (Technically I already know the 2nd and 3rd one though hehe) But being honest even any person could solve first and last one. So wtvr

  36. I thought about en passant but I calculated F4 check, pawn en passant check and you don't have mate
    I feel stupid rn

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